Dancing with the stars 9 : A candidate to be the victim of a personal tragedy, she confides

After his elimination from Dancing with the Stars 9, a candidate has entrusted to you have been the victim of a big personal tragedy.

This week in Dancing with the Stars 9, Anouar Toubali and Carla Ginola have left the competition. But if the two competitors had given their all for this last evening, the daughter of David Ginola had a motivation particular to continue the adventure. After his elimination, the young woman is in fact entrusted to our fellow-members of Gala, by revealing that if she had agreed to participate in the talent show, it was to pay tribute to her first boyfriend who died : “I wanted to make a tribute to my first baby-buddy that I had for 18 years. He had the heart to the right and died on the day of my 18 years. I really wanted to dance on his music, for his family, for him.”

Danse avec les stars 9 : Une candidate victime d'un drame personnel, elle se confie

The things that are unexpected and full of emotions, which probably explain why the young candidate was so important to go further in the competition. A disposal which is likely to do about it a good time, all the more that according to some chroniclers of the Key not at my Post, the votes would be rigged to allow Pamela Anderson to stay any longer in the dance competition on TF1 ! For the end of the story, it will no doubt have to wait for the next episodes of Dancing with the Stars 9, which will be broadcast next Saturday on the first channel of Europe.