Dancing with the stars 9 : dancers have they already slept with celebrities ? Denitsa Ikonomova balance (VIDEO)

In the show The Tourists : Mission High Mountain broadcast on TF1, Denitsa Ikonomova has made some revelations about the relationship between the dancers and celebrities in Dancing with the stars.

During the Christmas celebration, a dancer in the iconic Dancing with the stars 9 was in mourning, and delivered a moving tribute to one of his close friends. After a season full of twists and turns on TF1, Clement R?miens finally won the trophy thanks to the precious tips of his dancer Denitsa Ikonomova. Thanks to their beautiful complicity, the two personalities have succeeded in convincing the viewers. During the weeks of competition, the strong ties of friendship and sometimes there is a bit more than friendship, as told Denitsa Ikonomova interviewed on the issue.

Participant of the issuance Tourists : Mission High Mountain broadcast on TF1 on December 28, 2018, Denitsa Ikonomova needed to answer the question of the comedian Jarry : “Is it that there are dancers in DALs who have slept with celebrities ?”. Despite his embarrassment, the young woman wanted to be honest and answered “Yes”. But she went even further in revealing Arthus a small anecdote about his old partner Laurent Maistret, winner of the season 7. While they rehearsed a choreography on the theme of Dirty Dancing, he walked up to it to blow him in the ear : “You turn me on”. The result ? Only Laurent and Denitsa have the answer. During this time, Iris Mittenaere of Dancing with the stars 9 had to know if she was ready to replace Karine Ferri.