Dancing with the stars 9 : the First eliminations, the compulsory figures and ranking upset… Did you follow the premium #2 ?

Danse avec les stars 9 : Premières éliminations, figures imposées et classement bouleversé... As-tu bien suivi le prime #2 ?

Publié il y a 22 minutes Published on 7 oct. 2018 12:00:04Ecrit by Sébastien J.

It happened during the second prime of Dancing with the stars 9 on TF1. Between the first eliminations of the season and the jury’s notes, have you followed the show ? Hurry the test on melty to find out !

1. Which of the four jurors opened the evening on a beautiful table ?

  • Jean-Marc Généreux

  • Shy’m

  • Chris Marks

  • Patrick Dupont