Dancing with the stars rigged ? Internet users react to revelations of Chantal Ladesou

After the revelations of Chantal Ladesou on small arrangements of the production of Dancing with the stars, viewers have reacted to the rumours of rigging.

The show Dancing with the stars aired on TF1, is it rigged ? Chantal Ladesou has made revelations amazing on RTL about the little arrangements of the production. When she refuses each year to participate in the adventure because of busy schedules, the actress has made it known that there were “packages”, history of making life easier for participants. New allegations that come even worse in the program, already pointed out on several occasions after the departures precipitated Arielle Dombasle and Pamela Anderson. On social networks, users were many to respond to the comments of Chantal Ladesou.

Danse avec les stars truqué ? Les internautes réagissent aux révélations de Chantal Ladesou

“I love this woman precisely because she has no language in his pocket,” writes Gabrielle L. S on Facebook. “Super Chantal, I love” adds Chantal S. on the social network. If a lot seems to encourage the star for daring to discuss these arrangements, others on the other hand, do not believe in it at all : “What do you think of this TF1 ? She raves or there are 1 part truth!!! I don’t think its about it says so much nonsense!!!” writing @CORNEVILLE on Twitter. “Usante vulgar she needs to say bullshit to get recognized or anything bad, but it m’insupporte” says Michele D. on Facebook. So who is telling the truth ? For the moment, the chain is not expressed on this matter. While waiting to learn more, Anthony Colette’s Dancing with the stars 9 has posted a startling message on Instagram while he is suspected of being in a relationship with Iris Mittenaere.