Dancing with the stars : salaries fools celebrities, revealed by a former candidate iconic

A former candidate is emblematic of Dancing with the stars has revealed the salaries totally crazy celebrities.

Then a French star has ratted on the arrangements of the production of Dancing with the stars, reviving rumors of bid-rigging, languages continue to come untied. This time, it is a former candidate is emblematic of the issue that is of the revelations about the salaries of celebrities. As well, invited talk on the radio Voltage, Arielle Dombasle, a key figure in season 8, made a few confidences crispy : “It depends on the star but it is between € 50,000 and 170.000 euros,” she stated, clarifying that it depended on the level of celebrity of the star.

Danse avec les stars : Les salaires fous des c?l?brit?s r?v?l?s par une ancienne candidate embl?matique

If Arielle Dombasle did not want to give the amount of his remuneration, she added : “What are the criteria ? They are the ones who know it. Because we signed the contract for it to remain secret, we sign a privacy policy.” According to the magazine Public, during the season 9 of DALS, Pamela Anderson would have affected 400,000 euros and Iris Mittenaere 80,000 euros. Lio, Basile Boli and Vincent Moscato would have pocketed 70 000 euros and Jeanfi Janssens and Anouar Toubali 50 000 euros), while Clement Remiens and H?lo?se Martin have received “only” 30,000 euros. During this time, Anthony Colette’s Dancing with the stars 9 has posted a startling message on Instagram while he is suspected of being in a relationship with Iris Mittenaere.