Daredevil season 3 : Always a safe bet, our first impressions

We can always count on Daredevil the next series in Marvel to not be disappointed

While Iron Fist ” season 3 will not be, that Luke Cage has to be canceled, and the possibility of seeing the Defenders is quasi-null, Netflix and Marvel can always count on Daredevil. Very inspired by the cult comic book “Born Again”, this new season from the first episode very different but still as captivating as the previous. We recommend that you also have a pair of headphones or earphones for the first episode, as the sound has never been so important in the series. Matt is not left unscathed in the final of the Defenders, his acuteness of sound is not a good state, and makes us feel it all through a big work on the sound.

Daredevil saison 3 : Toujours une valeur s?re, nos premi?res impressions

Matt is bad

Season 3 also marks the return of Wilson Fisk in the foreground, with a Vincent D’onofrio always as comfortable in his role, but the real enemy of Matt in the beginning of the season, it is himself. With the total loss of his christian faith, the character becomes very cynical and as always tortured. It definitely gives an interesting writing on religion, the resolution, and the optimism of everyone, and we feel that Charlie Cox is like in this new version of his character.

Daredevil saison 3 : Toujours une valeur s?re, nos premi?res impressions

D’onofrio, always so masterful

If the other series Mavel/Netflix have always had problems on that side, Daredevil once again offers some interesting developments for the characters side, starting with Foggy and Karen. New entrants, such as sister Maggie and the FBI agents as Nadeem bring a lot to the rhythmic movement of the overall series, but it is especially the treatment of the character Pointdexter, offering an origin story, very well done for the enemy cult Daredevil Bullseye, which is to keep in mind. As always, the fight choreography is superb and the scene in the prison is captivating, but with this series, this is not really a surprise.