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For the third straight month, more than 90% of respondents to the survey reported a decrease of their turnover compared to the same period last year.

A group of restaurateurs canadians says that the profession will need continued support from the government of Canada to maintain its operation with the restrictions being made necessary by the pandemic COVID-19.

The results of a survey released Monday by Restaurants Canada show that more than half of the respondents who are open for pickup and delivery only, or that have re-opened their dining rooms according to the new restrictions say they operate at a loss. Among them, 13 % believe they will become profitable in a term to maturity of six months or less ; this time will be from 7 to 12 months for 31 % of them, 12 to 18 months, 36 % and more than 18 months to 20 %.

For the third straight month, more than 90 % of respondents reported a decrease of their turnover compared to the same period last year.

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Restaurants Canada is asking the federal government to extend and reinforce support for food service companies as restrictions will be in place. She also hopes to be a rent assistance and support for the approximately 50 % of the conservators who are dealing with owners not willing to participate in the emergency Assistance program of Canada, for rent commercial (AUCLC) or provide some other form of rent assistance.

Before the start of the pandemic, the COVID-19, the canadian foodservice sector was an industry annual turnover of $ 93 billion, which directly employed 1.2 million workers.

The survey was conducted between 25 June and 3 July. Restaurants Canada has received 947 questionnaires completed by foodservice operators from all regions of Canada, representing 11 623 institutions.

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