Darko (LMvsMonde) confirmed in The Angels 11 ? Viewers reacted

While the filming of Angels 11 made a small pause, it was learned that Darko could make his arrival in the adventure. Since then, surfers have been many to respond.

The filming of Angels 11 made a small pause time of holiday season. After a few weeks spent in Marrakech in Morocco, the candidates will be leaving for a new destination in the month of January. But this will not be the only change, since the side casting as it moves so that Illan has landed in The Angels 11 to win back Vanessa Lawrens. Indeed, it would seem that Darko is currently in the middle of negotiations with production to integrate the adventure, as revealed by the accounts Instagram @infos_tvr and @Histoire2t?l?, what do the reaction of the internet users.

Darko (LMvsMonde) confirm? dans Les Anges 11 ? Les internautes r?agissent

After this announcement, a lot of people have reacted to the potential arrival of the best friend of Julian Gelo?n on NRJ12 : “I hope to review Darko in Angels”, “looking Forward to seeing Darko naked in The Angels”, “Darko in The Angels now Rofl” can we read on the social networks. For the moment, the information remains to be taken with a grain of salt as it has not been confirmed by the main party. In any case, his audience is accustomed to see on YouTube hope to see him again on television screens in a few months, which could make him win new subscribers. In the meantime, Astrid Nelsia Angels 11 made tackle by the internet users after being posted ultra-sexy in a swimsuit on Instagram.