Daughter Olya Polyakova shared the unusual beauty secret

Дочка Оли Поляковой поделилась необычным бьюти-секретом

Masha Polyakova, who recently turned 14 years old, has long established itself as a popular Ukrainian blogger.

The daughter of Ukrainian pop stars on instagram-page more than 100 thousand subscribers. The girl and then advertise various products, publishes its stylish looks, shows footage of training and pole dance and shares with his fans the various lifehacks.

In a recent video daughter Olya Polyakova opened to fans of the secret and revealed, whereby she has such great hair. By the way, note that Masha is indeed very often ask the same question – how did she manage to grow such long hair? And moreover, keep them so well groomed and beautiful, transfers “RBC-Ukraine”.

In a video released by Masha reveals that the “blame” is a natural hair mask which it makes regular black pepper and olive oil (enough 100 ml).

This “seasoning” mixes and rubs it into the roots. When it goes to sleep, and then wash off in the morning. And enjoy lush, smooth hair.

“Here’s a life hack for the hair for growth and softness. Many of you asked how I achieved this effect. So the recipe is very simple”, — has signed a new video Masha Polyakova.

Fans of Masha hastened to thank her for the advice and also share their opinions.

“Thank you for such a good and, I think, an effective way! Will need to do the same”
“You hair is naturally gorgeous! And about the mask…maybe not all that”
“What a beauty”
“You are very beautiful girl and very like her mother”
“There is in the pharmacy cheap infusion of water pepper. Gigot well and facilitates the flow of blood to the head. You need to apply on the scalp. Can also be diluted with oil”
“Well Done Mary! Very cool video, keep up the good work!”
“Lifac works, I have been at it long enough”.