David Jalbert : to Find “the guy of the people”

David Jalbert : Retrouver «le gars du peuple»

On <em>The finger</em>, David Jalbert offered a liberating return to the roots with his new compositions.

April 11, 2020 4: 00


David Jalbert : to Find “the guy of the people”

David Jalbert : Retrouver «le gars du peuple»

Geneviève Bouchard

The Sun


When he heard the final version of his sixth album, The finger of honour, David Jalbert has not been able to contain his enthusiasm. “I said to my girlfriend : “I’m back in your… Not almost!””, launches at the end of the wire, the voluble author-composer-interpreter.

Three years have passed since the release of his previous offering. A period of a little “distressing” made of questioning, but at the end of which the musician has worked hard to gather. “I wasn’t in a hurry. People were asking me when I was going to release a new album and I told them : “when I have more money”. I was doing jokes. The truth is that I had nothing to say about it,” says the principal.

David Jalbert brings us back to 2012, when a member of their family has been struck down by the disease. Shaken, he tells to have lost the balance, and gradually the control of its affairs. “I damaged my personal life, I have made poor life choices. I stopped working so diligent,” says the one who has found the impact of a slump in its creation.

“There is a door which was closed, image-t-it. I wrote more in the first degree. I used words that came out of the head. I used my skills and knowledge, but I wasn’t using my heart. However, the albums that have had success in my life are those where I put my head on the log.”

From there, the bitterness is invited into the life of David Jalbert, ” he says. “It had become great, he said. The doubt sets in ever in the success. It installs itself in the defeat. When your plane ignites a pocket of air and drop of 20,000 feet, it is there that you are looking for the panic button and that you make mistakes in your career. This is where you’ll see artists make posts bitter on their Facebook…”

An album gatherer

From there this “finger of honour” brandi with her new cake. If he says recognize can be a little less in his previous albums, more introspective, David Jalbert offered a liberating return to the roots with his new compositions. And he has found how to “write with his heart” by returning to poetry more direct, more down-to-earth.

“I wanted an album gatherer, note-t-il. My goal was to make people sing like in the beginning of their career. I assume the hat that fits me the best. I was told that I was the singer of the people at the beginning, well I’ll assume. I’m a guy of the people.”

In the process, he surrounded himself with collaborators such as Sonny Caouette of 2Frères, Gabriella, Christian Marc Gendron and William Deslauriers. David Jalbert will produce the next album of this last.

The author-composer-interpreter is also pleased to have reconnected with producer Jeff Grenier, who accompanied him in his quest for authenticity. “It helps me a lot,” he says. He made me shine. I do not compare to the Beatles, but it is a bit of my George Martin. Without him, I’m not the shadow of myself. When I went to other directors, I wanted to seduce and I changed my style. I made the mistake not to write the same way. Jeff, this is my number one fan. He knows my songs.”



Great traveller, David Jalbert had just come out of his suitcases when the crisis of the COVID-19 took to the scale. Result : a strict quarantine and a desire slightest to leave even once the past two weeks.

“We get everything delivered,” says the father of the family, which now has wanted to do his part. “I applied to volunteer at the grocery store to go forth and carry the baskets to the world,” he adds. I applied as a volunteer at the pharmacy. Me, I want to help my community and I tell myself that if no one had braved the leprosy in the past, it would never come to end. It takes in the world who are brave and who say : “me, I’m not afraid.””

Question to support its fans in their confinement, the author-composer-interpreter also uses the Web. He has published a tutorial to teach them to play its new songs on the guitar. “They have made it so that after 12 years, I still live of my music. This is a small gift that I wanted to do,” he explains.

David Jalbert sees a future in a warm when the pandemic coronavirus will be behind us. “I think people are going to want to get together after this crisis there, he believes. They are going to want to say : “it has been journey and it has won this battle-there”. They have told us, it is among the best in the world. It is our honor, because we abide by the rules.” Geneviève Bouchard

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