Death of the legendary british singer Vera Lynn

Mort de la légendaire chanteuse britannique Vera Lynn

Mort de la légendaire chanteuse britannique Vera Lynn

Dame Vera Lynn, in 2010, died Thursday at the age of 103 years.


June 18, 2020 9: 40am


Death of the legendary british singer Vera Lynn

Agence France-Presse

LONDON — Vera Lynn, legendary british singer during the Second world War, including the famous title We’ll Meet Again has seen a new youth for the containment, died Thursday at the age of 103 years, announced his family.

In march, just before blowing his 103 candles and in the middle of a pandemic of novel coronavirus, Vera Lynn had encouraged the population to recover “the same spirit that saw us through the war”.

Queen Elizabeth II had borrowed the title of his famous song intended to raise the morale of the troops in a speech on April 5, designed to instill hope to the British, subject to the containment.

“Better days will come: we will find our friends, we will find our families, we will meet again,” said the monarch.

The singer had been immortalized by the song Vera by Pink Floyd on the album The Wall (1979).

Prime minister Boris Johnson has praised the “charm and the magical voice of Dame Vera Lynn, who entertained and encouraged our country to some of the darkest hours”. “His voice will continue to make the heart beat of future generations,” said the officer on Twitter.

The last month of last year, the population had been invited to sing We’ll Meet Again to mark the 75th anniversary of the capitulation of nazi Germany on 8 may 1945.

On this occasion, the album Vera Lynn 100 was found on the 30th place of the uk charts, making Dame Vera the artist the more elderly to be included in the top 40 of the best-selling albums in the United Kingdom.

Born march 20, 1917 in London, Vera Lynn was also known to have sung The White Cliffs of Dover, There’ll Always Be an England, and If Only I Had Wings to give courage to the British during the Blitz, the bombing carried out by the German airforce against the United Kingdom during the Second world War.

Nicknamed the “bride of the armed forces”, it has supported all his life, the soldiers, for which she sang during the war, in countries such as Egypt or India, often at the peril of his life.

“She has had a huge impact on me in Burma, and has remained important to me throughout my life,” responded on Twitter captain Tom Moore, a veteran 100-year-old became famous for having raised over € 35 million for carers in the front line of the sars coronavirus.

In may, Vera Lynn had urged the nation to “remember the brave boys and what they have sacrificed for us.” “They have left their families and their homes to fight for our freedom and many have lost their lives trying to protect us and protect our freedoms”, she recalled.

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