Deaths related to the COVID-19: the Brazil goes to the third rank

Décès liés à la COVID-19: le Brésil passe au troisième rang

Décès liés à la COVID-19: le Brésil passe au troisième rang

Vera Lucia Souza, center, and Madalena da Silva, mourn their brother and son, Paulo Roberto da Silva, 47, died of the COVID-19 in São Paulo, Brazil, Thursday.


June 4, 2020 22h24


Deaths related to the COVID-19: the Brazil goes to the third rank

Agence France-Presse

RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazil became on Thursday the third country in the world, lamenting the more deaths related to the new coronavirus, exceeding the threshold of 34 000 deaths, ahead of Italy, after a new record of deaths recorded in 24 hours.

The last balance-sheet of the ministry of Health reported 34 021 deaths and 614 941 confirmed cases, with 1473 deaths recorded since Wednesday evening, knowing that the official figures are largely underestimated, according to experts.

With 212 million inhabitants, Brazil has a population three times larger than that of Italy, which has been the epicenter of the pandemic in Europe, and has 33 689 dead.

Brazil deplores, however, 153 the dead of COVID-19 per million inhabitants, compared to 557,2 for Italy or 587,8 for the United Kingdom.

Brazil is the second country in the world in terms of people infected, behind the United States, with 30 925 new cases confirmed in 24 hours.

For the third consecutive day, the largest country in Latin America registers a record of the dead, day-to-day, after 1349 Wednesday, and 1262 on Tuesday.

The ministry’s figures have been broadcast after 22h (21h, heure du Québec), without any explanation on this late hour has been provided. They were communicated from 17h at the beginning of the pandemic.

It’s been almost three weeks that Brazil no longer has a minister of Health, since the resignation of Nelson Teich, replaced on an interim basis by Eduardo Pazuello, a general active.

The State of São Paulo, the richest and most populous of the country, remains the most affected, with 8560 dead and 129 of 200 confirmed cases, in front of Rio de Janeiro (6327 dead and 60 032-infected persons). These two States have, however, started this week a gradual recovery of economic activity.

The situation remains critical in the poor States of the North, such as the Amazonas (2183 people) and the Para (3416), or to the North-east, such as Ceara (3813) or Pernambuco (3124).

Even if the curves of the pandemic remain on the rise, the president of extreme right-wing Jair Bolsonaro continues to advocate the return to normal activities in the name of preserving employment, calling into question the containment measures taken by the governors of the States.

More than 1000 dead Thursday in the United States

The coronavirus has been 1021 deaths in 24 hours in the United States, according to the counting Thursday at 20: 30 from the Johns Hopkins University, in which reference is made.

This brings to more than 108,000 for the total number of deaths in the country, where more than 1, 870, 000 cases have been identified, according to figures the university updated continuously.

Some 485 000 people are declared cured.

The United States is, in absolute value, by far the country most affected by the pandemic, both in the number of deaths than cases diagnosed. But reported to the population, several european countries — including France, Italy or Spain — there are more deaths per capita than America.

According to an average of nine epidemiological models carried out by researchers from the university of Massachusetts, the number of deaths of the COVID-19 should be around 127 000 deaths in the country by June 27.

Even if the pandemic is slowing down in the country since the peak reached in mid-April, health professionals are concerned, with the current protest against police brutality and racism, a resurgence in the weeks to come.

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