Decline in requests for food assistance to Gaspé

Baisse des demandes d’aide alimentaire à Gaspé

Baisse des demandes d’aide alimentaire à Gaspé

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May 24, 2020 15: 50


Decline in requests for food assistance to Gaspé

Baisse des demandes d’aide alimentaire à Gaspé

Baisse des demandes d’aide alimentaire à Gaspé

Simon Carmichael

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While many food banks are seeking assistance from the public in this period of a pandemic, the Home Blanche Goulet de Gaspe has seen its number of requests for food assistance to decline. A situation that has forced the community to ask some of its donors to reduce the rate of fire, due to lack of space.

“We expected to see an increase with the pandemic, as elsewhere. We were prepared, but in the end our number of applications has decreased,” explains the centre’s director, Pauline Curadeau. However, against all expectations, the centre has seen requests for food assistance go from 76 in march to 61 in April. For the month of may, the organization has so far received a little more than 45 applications.

On the side of the action Center volunteers (CAE) The Great Chore located in Grande-Rivière, a resource that serves the Haute-Gaspésie, we do not notice any decrease, but it can be seen that the number of applications remained stable, contrary to what is reported in the urban environments where it would rise.

Federal aid could be at stake

If the increase in anticipated demand is not occurring, it is in part thanks to the numerous aid of governments, believes Ms. Curadeau. “Many of our beneficiaries do not make $ 2000 per month. Delivery canadian emergency (PKU) is, therefore, a kind of increase for them,” explains the director of the organization that will soon celebrate its 30 years.

If emergency aid were able to allow some beneficiaries to get out of a precarious situation, Ms. Curadeau also believes that the fear of the disease could have an impact on applications. “Some of the more vulnerable people really want to get out the least possible. It is therefore normal that they avoid the most possible the shops, as well as our services,” she adds.

Impacts still uncertain

If this news seem encouraging, the director of the Table de concertation food security Gaspé peninsula and the magdalen Islands (TCSAGIM), Louis-Jerome Cloutier, warns that this situation could not last, particularly when government subsidies come to an end.

“We remain on our guard because we think and start to feel the true impacts of the pandemic and the halt of the economy in the early fall,” says Mr. Cloutier. It also sucks to see a decline in donations and grants for organizations in the region in a precarious economic situation. “There is a risk of having to tighten their belts in the months or even years to come when the media attention will be elsewhere,” warns the one who is also the director of the CAE, The Big Chore.

Too much food

In the meantime to be able to evaluate the impact of the pandemic COVID-19 long-term, the home White Guérin, who also serves as a distribution point for other organizations in the region, is seen to accumulate foodstuffs, many of which are perishable, especially because many of the resources that White Guérin dessert are closed due to the pandemic.

“We were forced to make choices because there is a lack of space in the freezers and the cold room,” says the speaker in power, Linda Langlais. The home has so privileged the meat and the bread. Without having to throw more than usual, the organization has decided to offer larger portion sizes for those who receive the food aid. “It’s a nice problem, but it is a funny problem,” added Langlais.

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