Déconfinement schools : “A great success!” welcomes Legault [VIDEO]

Déconfinement des écoles : «Un grand succès!» se félicite Legault [VIDÉO]

Déconfinement des écoles : «Un grand succès!» se félicite Legault [VIDÉO]

The prime minister François Legault and the minister of Justice Sonia Lebel headed for the room Evelyn-Dumas of the parliament of Quebec, to meet with the press on Thursday.


May 28, 2020 12h57

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Déconfinement schools : “A great success!” welcomes Legault [VIDEO]

Déconfinement des écoles : «Un grand succès!» se félicite Legault [VIDÉO]

Déconfinement des écoles : «Un grand succès!» se félicite Legault [VIDÉO]

Olivier Bossé

The Sun

The third week of déconfinement ends in the primary schools and day care centers outside of greater Montreal. Not yet a disaster. “Given the number of children, the concern that there was among some parents, this is a great success”, welcomes François Legault.

The government of Quebec had been the target of many critics, the beginning of may, announcing the re-opening of primary schools and child care facilities after eight weeks of closure because of the COVID-19. Those of the Montreal metropolitan Community has never reopened.

But in the rest of Quebec, or 52 % of the population, a little more than half of the children aged 4 to 12 years of age were returned to the school, just as many of the toddlers who attend day care centers. The uprising that some predicted has not occurred. At least, not yet.

“It is clear that it went well. The children were happy to go back to school, parents are relieved. The parents, now, have really passed to another step,” said the national director of Quebec public health, Dr. Horacio Arruda. He accompanied even Mr. Legault to the traditional press point 13 p.m. Thursday.

“It is normal to have fears. Especially in the context where it was. But the experience has been very positive,” says Dr. Arruda, criticized for its possible lack of independence in the face of the policy decisions of déconfinement.

“There are achievements also in these experiments, there for back to school next year,” he continues. It is even in the process of looking at how we could go further into the different approaches to school in the fall, that would allow both to avoid major outbreaks of disease. It is clear that there will be cases, as there have been a few. But everything is under control, then there is no horror story. And the teachers, children and parents are happy.”

“We must not think himself too good”

Quebec was the first of the 10 canadian provinces and 50 american States to reopen its classes on may 11. Most jurisdictions do not will re-open no school before the end of the summer.

“When we decided to open the schools outside the metropolitan area, people said to us, “But it has no good sense!” Other provinces have said : “It has no good sense!” Then you can see what is happening today, this is not necessarily a tragedy,” says Dr. Arruda.

“You know, I do not consider that I have the truth. The truth is somewhere between the two. […] Each time, you can say : it was not too slow, it has perhaps been a little too fast. Up to now, the business go as we plan. But outside of Montreal, it is not fragile, but in Montreal, it is fragile.”

For his part, the prime minister has still served a warning earlier in the conference, as a warning to himself. “If we want to be able to continue the re-opening, it is necessary to follow the instructions. […] He should not think himself too good, because the virus will take the opportunity to come back.”

74 new death

After 10 weeks of balance sheets of 13: almost daily where he was always the number of new deaths associated with the COVID-19, Mr. Legault has left this week the ministry of Health and the national Institute of public health published the data of the day in the late morning.

Declaration of 74 more deaths in the previous 24 hours across the province of Quebec, therefore, to increase the count to 4302 since the beginning of the pandemic.

Of these 74, 70, were living in accommodation for the elderly, or accommodation facility of long-term care (CHSLDS), intermediate resource (IR) or a private seniors ‘ residence (RPA). In total, 85 % of Québec deceased of the COVID-19 lived in these environments.

To this day, 2725 residents are infected within 340 of 2600 places. Just for NURSING homes, it is 1741 sick in 131 of 412 CHSLD.

After reaching the hundred dead Wednesday, the region in the National Capital has crossed the mark of 1500 cases, Thursday, with 1501.

In the province as a whole, the number of hospitalizations continues to decline for a ninth day in a row. There are now 1331 patients treated for the COVID-19 in quebec hospitals, including 178 who were confined to bed in intensive care.

The Quebec shows 49 702 cases, 563 more than the day before.

“You!” he said

Mr. Legault continued his great seduction to attract 10 000 people to enroll in the new accelerated training paid attendant to the beneficiaries, which will begin mid-June.

“If you want to make a difference in the lives of the people agree-you!” he launched to the viewers, offering them even read the last book, by Marie Laberge, Through the night, to find the inspiration and the beauty that can be taken on the job of attendant to the beneficiaries.

A “get involved!”, which reiterates the invitation to member of another place and time. Army that threatens precisely to withdraw its thousands of soldiers in the front in the CHSLD du Québec. A vital aid that the prime minister does not want to lose before mid-September.

“Quebec pays its share to the army. I understand that there are other priorities, but it seems to me that the priority currently, I cannot think of anything more urgent than dealing with our world in our NURSING homes. Same thing in the centers of long-term care in Ontario. I understand that there may be a rhythm of work that should be reviewed. I saw that some soldiers work seven days a week, but they may be able to work five days per week. There are accommodations. I hope to be able to discuss with the federal government and the military” wishes to Mr. Legault.

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Déconfinement des écoles : «Un grand succès!» se félicite Legault [VIDÉO]

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