Deep Purple guitarist Steve Morse: “Guys die quickly on the stage than it will go”

“Today,” found out about the farewell tour musicians, biapical and concerts in the storm

Гитарист Deep Purple Стив Морс: "Ребята быстрее умрут на сцене, чем с нее уйдут"

Famous musician, guitarist of the legendary band Deep Purple Steve Morse gave his first interview to Ukrainian media! “Today,” found out about the farewell tour musicians (concert in Kiev will be held today at the sports Palace), with respect to biapical and concerts in a storm.

63-year-old musician played in the band Deep Purple since 1994, have become the best guitarist of the year, according to music critics.

Steve, welcome to our country! Tell me, what words do you associate with Ukraine?

— As an American, I stand in solidarity with Ukraine in many ways and with the different situations that happen here. Part of our population here, and in you we see ourselves. But our group is out of politics. We come to play music and want to overcome all boundaries, including political and geographical. Allowing the music to speak for us. And we know your rich history and feel the power of the spirit of Ukrainians.

— All stated that this farewell tour of Deep Purple. And you yourself have also decided that after the tour you leave the scene?

For me personally, it’s a farewell tour. As for the other guys, then I think they will still be playing. Perhaps, in other groups, special projects or as invited guests. I also plan to stay in music but not so actively as now. But you do realize that when the music for so many years is the most important place in your life, impossible in one day to abandon it. In General, I know that the guys are not going to retire. They would rather die on stage than in bed (laughs).

Гитарист Deep Purple Стив Морс: "Ребята быстрее умрут на сцене, чем с нее уйдут"

Steve Morse

— What, besides music, that you discuss with your bandmates?

We’re talking about the music industry in General, discussing funny situations that happen to us in travel. For example, once in round one of the musicians went to the gas station to eat, the others did not notice and the bus left without him. Funny? We talk a lot about music history, especially American. As she was influenced by little Richard and Elvis Presley, for example. They can discuss football, but in these conversations I’m not involved, because it is indifferent to him. You can not say about the “Formula 1”, which we all like. We even went to watch the world series the whole group. Of course, we can discuss the news, including political, but deeply immersed in it not because everyone has their own views on what is happening.

Гитарист Deep Purple Стив Морс: "Ребята быстрее умрут на сцене, чем с нее уйдут"

Steve Morse

How do you spend your time during the tour? Party till the morning in the past?

— Any party with such a schedule? Today I went to bed at 8:30 and woke up at 12. A long time could not sleep, because he worked on music for television shows. Immediately after our conversation, I will come back in the room and I will try to think of something. I had an assignment to write a melody in the style of irish dance: I sat and studied how to use flute to create an interesting melody. In General, in round I do regular everyday things: pay the bills, respond to emails.

— What is the maximum number of times you played the song Smoke on the Water live?

— Any song we play only once. During our career we performed this song, I think, several thousand times.

The most unusual place where you played together with Deep Purple?

Once we played on top of a mountain in Switzerland. And just at that time began a snow storm. Remember, we put the heaters that we ran constantly to keep warm, because it was really very cold. And another unusual story that happened to us in the open air, was in Malaysia. Then we played in the pouring rain. The tools were so wet that for the concert I changed guitars 10! The audience too was completely soaked, but no one left. And we played for as long as our equipment is not out of order.

— What is the most vivid manifestation of fan love you have felt in your entire career?

The most beautiful is when people learn from your music or say that it changed their life. When we say that our songs helped to recover or to overcome some difficult challenges. This is all the more impressive stuff than any rewards and recognition.

— You would like your band filmed a biopic?

— I don’t like the idea much, because many people, so many opinions. Everything will depend on the vision of the producer. Most importantly, the story was based on facts, not domysly. While I understand that without subjective opinions rarely complete art picture, because movies are always trying to add more drama.

— What about the songs or tunes you think to yourself: “Oh, how I wish I’d wrote it!”?

— These tunes very much. All that Bach wrote, for example. Or Blue Moon performed by Eric Clapton, or any of improves of Jimi Hendrix. But in General I can before the end of the day to enumerate this list (smile).

Гитарист Deep Purple Стив Морс: "Ребята быстрее умрут на сцене, чем с нее уйдут"

Steve Morse

— What is the strangest rumor you heard about yourself or the group?

Such stories don’t remain in my memory, and we usually laugh at them. I remember there was a rumor that Ian Gillan is dying, and all because the paparazzi photographed him when he leaned on a cane.

— Your first appearance in Deep Purple’s happened at a concert in Mexico. Remember how worried the other day?

— I only met Roger but have heard how he, along with the guys good at playing live. We met a little rehearsed, but the time to ask additional questions I had. I had a homework assignment is to listen and determine where the children improvise, and where not. After the first rehearsal in the dressing room I immediately realized that this is not your typical musicians. We played like that played jazz, not rock.

Often guitarists collect his tools. You’ve admitted that don’t. Why?

— I have a lot of tools in my workshop. I donated the copies I, of course, store — I think it’s unethical to give them to others. But those guitars that I bought myself, but no longer in use, I’d be happy to present to someone. I do not collect them: I’m sorry, they simply lie idle.

— And last question. You know that your name is in the Ukrainian language means fruit juice? Themselves what kind of drinks do you prefer?

— I already talked about this (laughs). I love juices, but I prefer Mexican beer, diet Dr Pepper and iced tea with mint. To drink can drink a little whiskey, and that rarely.

Recall that Elton John will give a 300 farewell concerts before leaving the scene.

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