“Defeat and victory in Quebec,” a statement from Legault does not pass

«Défaite et victoire du Québec», une déclaration de Legault qui ne passe pas

«Défaite et victoire du Québec», une déclaration de Legault qui ne passe pas

The head of the liberal Party of Quebec Dominique Anglade


25 June 2020 13: 31

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“Defeat and victory in Quebec,” a statement from Legault does not pass


The Canadian Press

The opposition wants that François Legault stops to say that Quebec has experienced a defeat in the CHSLD and a victory in the community.

Yet on Wednesday, the prime minister said in a video for the national Holiday: “There has been a defeat in our centers long-term care (…) but we should not forget that in the rest of the company, the Quebecers have won”.

This sporting metaphor should never be used, according to the three opposition parties, who accuse the government of trivialising the loss of life in order to get a positive message across and improve their image.

The government, Legault would be even to the limit of the ageism, it was argued.

For example, never Mr. Legault would say such a thing if the death had hit children, illustrated, Québec solidaire (QS).

“Imagine if Mr. Legault had said: “apart from in the nursery, we have well managed it.” It would have been a scandal in total, it never would say it,” said in the interview, the mp Sol Zanetti.

According to him, it is “very problematic” that the prime minister the balance of the first wave of the pandemic, “by excluding the elders”.

“It is as if in this moment he said: “Listen, the situation of forest fires in Quebec, if one excludes the Lac-Saint-Jean, it’s going very well, it is under control.” Say it, that is to say: “The Lac-Saint-Jean, it does not count that much”.

“When it is said: “besides the CHSLD in Quebec, we have well managed the crisis and we can be proud”, well it is saying: “elders, it is less serious”. It is what it is”, has hammered Mr. Zanetti.

Rewrite history

Quebec has one of the worst balance sheets in the world with its 5448-related deaths COVID-19.

In this context, the metaphor of Mr. Legault is “totally unacceptable”, malaisante and disrespectful towards the victims and their families, also believes the Parti québécois (PQ).

“We are trying to do away with the negative outcome, particularly among the seniors in the institution, said its spokesperson on health, Joël Arseneau. It is said: “Forget the NURSING homes, it does not exist, it is a negligible amount, it is a positive report”.”

Talk of victory in these conditions, it is to ignore the reality and try to “rewrite history”, emphasized the head of the Quebec liberal Party (QLP), Dominique Anglade.

“It is trying to portray a story that is not accurate, she said in a telephone interview. I think when we do that, we try not to see the reality in the face.”

According to the head of a liberal Quebecers as a whole have not led a single battle, and they must “take note” of the result: “We have lost this battle here.”

Ms. Anglade argues that it is necessary to admit the failings if it wants to be able to correct them before a second wave.

She wondered if the government has really learned from the first wave, in that it beats around the bush even on the wearing of the mask mandatory in public transport.

“Is-what one has learned when one makes the information more available, it is less transparent and that one does not decisions of basic precautions?”

Lack of transparency

On Thursday, the opposition deplored the decision of Québec to no longer provide update of the number of cases or deaths than once per week.

This decision is also intended to “hide” a part of the reality, according to the PQ.

“We will not reveal the figures, so we’re going to continue to be able to say almost anything we want on the situation, without necessarily be supported by actual data,” warns Mr. Arseneau.

At a press conference Thursday in Montreal, the national director of public health, Horacio Arruda, defended to want to hide information. He explained that the decision was not political, and that it had been taken because the epidemiological situation in Quebec was stabilized.

Ottawa, the prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, is still shown to be critical: “I think that in Quebec, we continue to see new cases every day. And it is important to see how this situation is changing. I hope that the prime minister Legault will continue to be open and transparent with the citizens as he has been from the beginning,” he said.

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