Defeat the virus in combating cancer

Vaincre le virus en combattant le cancer

Vaincre le virus en combattant le cancer

The coronavirus behind it, Ingrid Lemay has resumed his daily battle against cancer, with a secret weapon a positivism.


May 23, 2020 4.30


Defeat the virus in combating cancer

Vaincre le virus en combattant le cancer

Vaincre le virus en combattant le cancer

Marie-Eve Martel

The Voice of the East

Having contracted the COVID-19, Ingrid Lemay could have been reduced to a statistic by being part of the approximately 3800 victims of the disease. It is rather part of the whole, four times more numerous. Ingrid challenges, however, is the fate, she who has overcome the virus, while completely immunosupprimée.

“I still have trouble understanding how I managed to get through it so that I had more soldiers in the body,” says the Césairoise, whose predictions gave him a life expectancy of seven months, in march 2018, when it was discovered a brain tumor.

“Everyone finds me strong, but me, I rather found it lucky that it did not hit him harder,” she adds. As my immune system was practically non-existent, my body had nothing to defend themselves against the virus. “

Its state, the neutropenia is a complication related to the chemotherapy, intra-arterial as it undergoes a once-a-month since an operation carried out in the beginning of the year. This is characterized among others by a too low concentration of white blood cells in the blood.

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Ms. Lemay did not suspect that the fever, sore throat, shortness of breath and chest pain that she felt were symptoms of the coronavirus.

“I wasn’t that sick,” remembers the one who has been cautious in communicating with Emergency health. He was told to stay at home, but not to do so.

A second opinion sought from a nurse clinician caring for his record proved to be more alarmist, so much so that Ms. Lemay has chosen to come to the hospital of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, which serves the regional county municipality of Rouville, where she remains.

It is at this time that a screening test is proved positive to the COVID-19. “I don’t know where I would have been able to catch it, throughout the month of march, I went nowhere except to the hospital,” says the lady, who was immediately transferred by ambulance to Sherbrooke, where it is normally treated for his cancer.

The isolation worse than the disease

Followed a hospital stay of nine days, the time to take two weeks, symbolic of the onset of first symptoms.

“Immediately, I was put in a room alone and in isolation, given that I was positive, says Ms. Lemay. That was it, more difficult. Isolation. It was really terrible. “

Nine days, the patient had no right to visit. Hidden, the medical staff came in and came in her bedroom for a few minutes at a time to check its status, passages that amounted to a human contact is equivalent to a quarter of an hour per day, writes Ms. Lemay, who, however, has only good words for caregivers.

“In my opinion, isolation is the most dangerous part of the COVID. It was unbearable, psychologically, to the point where I thought I would go crazy. I’m still crying when I think about it “, let it fall.

That’s not a problem, Ingrid Lemay is passed through, in going to draw all that remained of strength in it, what it has done for two years in his daily battle against his brain cancer.

“When you get the diagnosis, it is sure that it is a shock. I said to myself : ‘Ah ouin ? I’m going to show you how much I’m strong ! “”, says the lady.

“I was speaking to him, the coronavirus,” she continues. I said to him : ‘This is not against you I’m fighting, it’s against a brain tumour. Go away ! “”

It seems to have worked. Two tests subsequent proved to be negative, a sign that the Césairoise had defeated the virus.

Revelation and love of self

Upon his release from the hospital, Ms. Lemay has been able to join her son, her spouse and son, with whom she lives during the confinement period. It has, however, made the choice to self-isolate for two weeks to his return as a precaution.

“Since this episode, I protect myself even more. I do not take it lightly, ” says the citizen.

Although she is aware that others have not survived the virus of which she was able to get rid of, Ms. Lemay has a few words to say about the climate of fear established in the beginning of the crisis.

“We did not almost say that if you go out of our house, we would almost die, as if it was the apocalypse, she says. It seems that what we heard on tv, it was worse than the reality. “

The coronavirus behind it, Ingrid Lemay has resumed his daily battle against cancer, with a secret weapon a positivism.

“In the good and in the less good moments, I try to draw the positive in me because through every trial, we must help ourselves,” says the Césairoise, who has still hope to give the lie to the forecasts, the condemn.

Since his cancer diagnosis, his desire to live is stronger than ever. “I fell in love with myself,” she said. It hurts, sometimes, it is so good ! “

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