Denis Brogniart : The return of Koh Lanta, the cast of the war chiefs, the latest news… It tells us everything (EXCLUDED)

Denis Brogniart has recently entrusted the drafting of melty on the new season of Koh Lanta and offers you to discover its secrets in this article.

In a few hours, the first episode of Koh Lanta, the war chiefs will be broadcast on TF1, and if you hesitate to look at it, it gives you 3 good reasons not to miss it! And just to give you a little more fancy, we offer you to discover the secrets of exclusive Denis Brogniart just below… The host of Koh Lanta we talk about the casting of this new season, news as well as the return of the show after a one year absence. And just after discovering about exclusive Denis Brogniart, you can test your knowledge on all the controversy that there has been around Koh Lanta.

Denis Brogniart : Le retour de Koh Lanta, le casting de la guerre des chefs, les nouveautés... Il nous dit tout (EXCLU)

melty : Koh Lanta has not been aired on our screens last year, you missed not from shooting earlier ?

Denis Brogniart, the host of Koh Lanta : Koh Lanta, it’s like when I went into the colony when I was a child. I am super happy to leave, but very happy to get back home. I did a lot of things to the side. I have not had time to get bored. So, no, I was not missed, but I was very happy to leave. And most importantly, I’m glad to see that on social networks, people are looking forward to getting back to Koh Lanta ! 99.9% of the messages are very positive.

melty : This season is full of news, is that it is the best season of Koh Lanta ?

Denis Broniart : I’m not saying that this is the best season of Koh Lanta, but it is a good thought ! And there are ingredients that are necessary to have a good year : a good cast and key developments !

melty : How have reacted the candidates in discovering the proof of the poles arriving on the beach ?

Denis Brogniart : When they arrive, they are on the ass ! They don’t know what to think… They see 21 posts, so they can imagine two teams of 10 or so that the first candidate to fall will be eliminated immediately. They are concerned until the time when I talk to them and I do not say that a third of what they are going to live !

melty : This year, the three teams will have a head… It is a way to cause mayhem in the adventure ?

Denis Brogniart : Not at all. The war of the heads, it is a title, it is something strong ! In the previous seasons, the contestants were still undecided to choose a leader or not … Is it that he needs a leader on the camp, and a leader during the tests ? Who will be leader ? Is it that we have to listen to it ? There are lots of questions and then, one imposes the fact that they are going to have to be a chef ! If you’re a good leader, you are continuing… But if you’re not, it will be necessary to change the head and for this, it is necessary to play his bracelet immunity. This bracelet will allow the candidate who will have to play in the event of danger or if it no longer wants to be a chef.

melty : And how will be appointed the new head ?

Denis Brogniart : there are two cases : either the new leader is voted in unanimously, are the two leaders of the opposing, that will designate it. The new leader will then be given a bracelet of immunity.

melty : During the council meeting, the two heads of the opposing teams will be there ?

Denis Brogniart : The chiefs in the council, this is something that will work well. When the two heads will be on the board, they will be able to see. In the end, the two leaders will be able to give their opinion or ask a question. This will be useful when they will be back on their camp, since they were able to observe their opponents. And in case of equality of votes, these are the three chiefs who are going to have to decide between the two candidates that will be on par !

melty : What will happen to the leaders at the time of the reunification ?

Denis Brogniart : At the time of the reunification, the heads will put me back symbolically bracelets immunities. There will be more heads !

melty : The chiefs have an important role at the time of the council of ambassadors ?

Denis Brogniart : unfortunately, I have very little memory… (Laughter).