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Within the government Legault, Christian Dubé (right) replaces the head of the department of Health Danielle McCann (centre), who share about the new ministry of higher Education.

The health network now being ” appeased “, the prime minister François Legault believes that he is ripe for reporting to a “manager” as a Christian Dubé, he was appointed minister of Health on Monday.

The decision was made at the expense of Danielle McCann, who has not hidden its disappointment at the journalists — she who has been ruled out after having managed the juggernaut of health during the first three months of the pandemic COVID-19.

“Obviously, me, I was coming in health policy “, she dropped the mic, after the head of the government had confirmed its transfer to the new department of higher Education.

The impetus of François Legault came precisely from there : a willingness to evaluate the process and the structures of the health network, as he described it, “monster” living in ” the stone age “. The rest of the changes made in the framework of this realignment are side effects, juge-t-on behind the scenes.

One of the mandates of the minister McCann was ” to appease the fears of employees of the health network “, stressed the prime minister. This stage is now being reached in its opinion, the entry of a manager “who is not on the network” is imposed. Christian Dubé was studying already structures in place at the treasury Board ; it has thus revealed to “fine-tune the response of the machine,” says-t-on behind the scenes.

He will have to ally Dominique Savoie. This ex-deputy minister of the liberal had been qualified as a “bad director” by the caquiste Eric Cairo, and then rehabilitated by his party in April to resolve the supply problems in the health network. The council of ministers has made official his appointment as deputy minister of Health on Monday evening.

“Have we already seen the minister AND deputy minister in charge moved AT the SAME TIME ? “responded on Twitter Gaétan Barrette, former liberal minister of Health. “What signal ! Note, welcome Ms. Dominique Savoie, who will be gone from persona non grata totally incompetent in the eyes of the CAQ to be anything less than sub-minister in charge of Health. “

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Ms. Savoie will put the p.-d. g. of the CISSS and CIUSSS ” to not “. The tour of the regions that has business the prime minister is not foreign to this will be “obligations of result” on the part of these managers, after they have been evaluated.

“There are still many things to do […] to our p.-d. g. of CISSS and CIUSSS to be more accountable,” said François Legault. “It is difficult to assess the performance of different individuals in the network when we do not have all the necessary data. “

The mobility of the personnel, the configuration of the accommodation and the application of measures of prevention and control of infections are in the list of priorities of the new minister, seen as being ” very operational “.

Now, is it too early for this kind of approach ? “I think the health care system has so much need of love and care that he might be needed yet the approach soothing of Mrs. McCann,” observed the professor of the University Laval Mireille Lalancette. “A manager is not necessarily deemed to be soothing. “

Immigration changes hands

The game of musical chairs also has the effect of removing the portfolio of Immigration, Simon Jolin-Barrette, of which the counter-performance during the reform of the Program of experience in quebec has not gone unnoticed in the higher echelons of power.

“We took the opportunity to remove him from the Immigration,” said a source in the government. From there, it is a member of “the next generation of young nationalists” — it is the expression of François Legault — migrates to the Justice.

“Simon Jolin-Barrette became the youngest Justice minister in Quebec’s history “, welcomed the prime minister. His political opponents who were hoping to see a “change of tone” in the blue Room they were disappointed : the chosen of Borduas keeps the position of parliamentary leader. This dual function, the attorney general of Québec and of the parliamentary leader, has been occupied by the liberal Jean-Marc Fournier, from 2010 to 2012. The clash between the neutrality and the spirit of party imposed on them by one and the other of these roles had led the liberals to not to repeat this experience.

The realignment allows in contrast to the prime minister underlined the “great confidence” he has in Sonia LeBel, who gets the treasury Board. If it was “fell in love” with Danielle McCann during the election campaign of 2018, now that he shows his affection for the minister LeBel, whom he called ” my treasure “, turning toward her, smiling.

The ex-attorney inherits the delicate records of negotiations in the public sector and of the omnibus bill on the economic stimulus act (bill 61).

The minister Nadine Girault gets the department of Immigration and conserve its features of international Relations. It would put the elected to the ” challenge “, to see what wood it heats up in functions more difficult than the ones it previously occupied, it is said behind the scenes.

This is not a redesign

François Legault, who had denied last week’s rumors of a redesign, has kept using this expression. He said he wanted “to have a new team to give a new breath” to the health network.

Now, ” it is a cabinet reshuffle, important, very important “, considered the expert in political communication, Thierry Giasson, Université Laval.

The choice of words is perhaps a desire to “not panic the population,” he suggested. “To replace the minister when the crisis is not over, it can lead people to feel uncertainty. […] Why is the president of the treasury Board who will be left to manage the ministry of Health ? Is this is a harbinger of cuts ? ” he illustrated.

The reshuffle ” is the admission to express to the prime minister of a lack of readiness of his government “, responded the head of the liberal, Dominique Anglade. “The prime minister will still have to meet all Quebecers to the fact that we have one of the worst balance sheets in the world from this crisis. “

“What is the message the government sends out-does it by appointing a financier at the head of the ministry of Health so that it comes to announce its willingness to return the budget to balance within five years ?” asked the elected solidaire Manon Massé on his side.

“The change of minister and deputy minister of Health in full pandemic indicates to us that the government recognised the failure of its preparations in NURSING homes “, has also responded to the leader of the parti québecois, Pascal Bérubé.

In the corridors of parliament, policy makers have already opened the betting on the fate that will be reserved for the national director of public health, Horacio Arruda, whose contract expires on 31 July. But if we had to replace it, “it would have already been done,” stressed a source in the middle of the health.

In summary

The pandemic of sars coronavirus has made no new victim in Quebec over the past 24 hours, announced on Monday the government. The balance sheet remains 5417 victims. There are 54 835 confirmed cases in the province, or 69 more than the day before. The number of patients hospitalized fell from 1, 520, while 57 people were in the intensive care unit, 4 fewer than on Sunday. Only 15 new infections were added in the Montreal region, for a total of 27 057. The balance sheet was of 5750 cases in Laval and 7750 in the Montérégie region.

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