Diane Dufresne : Everything will change

Diane Dufresne : Tout va changer

Diane Dufresne : Tout va changer

Diane Dufresne keeps hope in time more forgiving for the artists.


May 23, 2020 4: 00


Diane Dufresne : Everything will change

Diane Dufresne : Tout va changer

Diane Dufresne : Tout va changer

Geneviève Bouchard

The Sun

When the crisis of the COVID-19 has struck, Diane Dufresne has found an answer to his concerns in his workshop. The upheavals imposed by the coronavirus, the singer and visual artist, has opposed his own thirst for movement. If she lauded the thoroughness in this turmoil, it is brandished as the weapon of creativity.

“I told myself that everything was going to so much change that I was going to do things that I never do. I’m going to try. I myself invented. Not necessarily an expo, just to do things that I had never affected. Maybe I’ll submit it or not, this is not what is important. It was to go to something else, to learn”, expresses the artist, who sees in the period that we currently live in “another consciousness, another this present time”.

“It changes all the data, she believes. As it happens, this is the time for us, humans, to impose a serious matter. It has been said that Quebecers are docile because they wear the mask, they do not go out of home. On the contrary, they have standards. When it changes, why not change? They have rigor for them, for their health, for their children, for their parents, who die alone. Is there something worse? It gives a completely different dimension.”

What we bring to the feet on the ground, in sum. “We thought we were invincible. We went on a banana skin, and it was thought that you had wings. But here, we have retonti to earth!” image-t-it.

To feel its age

Diane Dufresne does not deny. At age 75, she was more than ever felt his age since the beginning of the pandemic. In front of all of these speeches on the risks to our seniors or to our sages… —, the conclusion is imposed. “I am an elder, she says. I woke up one morning and saying to myself, “well, I’m really old”. To hear about the most vulnerable all the time, as I aged suddenly. I woke up saying to myself that I hurt all over.”

Diane Dufresne : Tout va changer

“I told myself that everything was going to so much change that I was going to do things that I never do. I’m going to try. I invented it,” says Diane Dufresne. The singer and painter hopeful in this difficult time for artists. “We see them preparing and all that […] We will not be able to go there immediately, but we will get there…”


The feeling did not last long for the singer, who is said to be “reconditioned.” “There must always be movement,” says the one that provides good living in the isolation imposed by the COVID-19.

“Me, I live not evil my life in confinement, evokes it. I don’t go out much, I’m a loner. Even a hermit. I have my companion, but like many artists, I live very withdrawn.”

Compassion for seniors

Like many Quebecers, Diane Dufresne has been a téléspectatrice assiduous of the daily press briefings of the prime minister François Legault. Even though she has publicly endorsed the trio that he forms with the minister of Health, Danielle McCann, and the national director of public health, Horacio Arruda, in a message felt well published on his page Facebook. It shows up less often go these days, but she observes with compassion the situation of housing for the elderly.

“I think of the great Renée Claude who left us a few days ago. Even her lover could not move forward. This is something. It takes more than courage, more than prayers. I don’t understand how anyone could get there,” says Diane Dufresne.

“I look at the sky each morning and I say to myself that Renée, the Madonna, is a party in a blue sky, she adds. But when came the virus, and when I knew that she had it, I said to myself : “Oh, la, la…”. I also think the people who can’t go see their parents. The older people, some don’t want to eat and let themselves die. It is a matter of human contact. When one is sick, if it is not accompanied, it is even more sick. When one is alone, one has less defenses…”

This loss of control in accommodation centres, Diane Dufresne describes it as “a shame” for the old people. “There is a problem in the system for years, she says. To see that the orderlies were paid less, just that, it was just a lack of respect for elders. This is really not easy for these people.”


Go BACK TO The basics

“The time has come…” The sentence will return to a few times during our interview with Diane Dufresne. Firstly, because it supports the campaign of the French Nicolas Hulot focused on tomorrow more green. Then, because she firmly believes that the pandemic provides an opportunity for renewal.

“All falls down when it comes to this virus, when it is health that is affected. It also requires that the ecology works with the economy. The time has come to be really very serious. When we talk about rigour and discipline, people think that it removes something. And when we talk about ecology, it is as if we wanted to give lessons. On the contrary! This is a new approach. We need to change. When we speak of return as before… But to what? The disappearance of animals? When I think of my last disc, which is entitled Better after… It may be true, finally, expresses that which defends the environmental cause for over 30 years.

Diane Dufresne cites the importance of buying local in general — “If there are fewer strawberries this year, I will eat tomatoes!” she says — and consume less in particular.

“The human being must make an act of humility, evokes it. It is awareness that there should not be invaded by the aspect of consumption. I think he’s going to have to forget it and do not let yourself get carried away in it. We want to have the little nec-plus-ultra, but I’m not sure if this is necessary. When one goes to the essential, there is much more space for the poetry, for the creativity of each. And I don’t think to the artists. The world has talent. If we are going to seek our creativity, we will not be having it.” Geneviève Bouchard

Diane Dufresne : Tout va changer

Philippe Evenou



A few months ago, Diane Dufresne has lent itself to the game proposed by Stingray in becoming momentarily programmer of music for the Chain Feature.

The menu offered until the end of may, includes some of his greatest hits, who invite among his own favorites music. The singer ignored it, making his choice, but she seized the opportunity to accompany listeners during their confinement.

“There are always people that I like, that this is a pandemic or not,” she summarizes. In a few minutes, one can thus pass from Claude Nougaro to the Eurythmics, Eric Clapton, Florence K, from the Beatles to Catherine Major.

“There is an algorithm that rotate it so that between Voivod and Juliette Greco, it does not smell too much of a clash, laughs the singer. I chose most of the artists and this is good because the programmer adds little surprises. Me who does not like to hear me, I rest to see what they put. It is sympathetic. The friends and the public that we can’t see, you can share it with them.”

The singer, who has as many artists had to cancel concerts because of the coronavirus, sees it as a way of being present, waiting for the true reunion. “The music, it’s good,” she adds. It is for that reason that we will get there. We will find a system, we see artists who are preparing and all of that. There, it was on tv, but we will go on a tour. We will not be able to go there immediately, but we will get there…” Geneviève Bouchard

Diane Dufresne will participate in the show Tout le monde en parle on Sunday. To see the various platforms that are broadcasting Chain Features : music.stingray.com

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