Died the most beautiful actress of the Soviet cinema

Умерла самая красивая актриса советского кино

75-m to year of life died a famous actress of the Moscow theater “Sovremennik” Tatyana Degtyareva.

This was announced in the theatre, reports Know.

“Incredibly talented, wise, witty, Tamara V. was a part of our collective soul that we call our theatre, our “Contemporary”. Today we lost a large part of it, is very important. Her work in film and on stage, it’s safe to admire,” – said in the message.

Умерла самая красивая актриса советского кино

As noted in a home theatre actress, Degtyarev has long had problems with health. In recent years she has moved only in a wheelchair, but still continued to play in the play “women’s Time”, as I couldn’t live without the theatre and the audience.

The time and place of farewell with the actress is not yet known.

Tamara Degtyareva in 1965, he graduated from GITIS, then five years old, played in the Moscow theatre of the young spectator, then moved to the “Contemporary”. Among the played its role only in the “contemporary” Woman in the play “the Taste of cherry”, Katya in “With favourite do not leave, Olivia in” Twelfth night”, Tamara in “Echelon”, Raisa Zakharovna in “Love and pigeons”, Valentine in “Stars in the morning sky”, Engelsina “get Out, get out.”

She also played Her in “Anfisa”, Haritina in “do Not shoot in white swans”, Valentine in “Stars in the morning sky”, Anfisa in “Three sisters”, Varvara Petrovna Stavrogin in “Demons”, the Grandmother of Alexander and the blast Furnace Dormidontovka in “the Naked pioneer”, Mrs. Pearce in “Pygmalion,” Ms. Zalevskaya in “Three comrades,” Gretta and Baba Nastya in “Steep route”, Evdokia in the play “Time of women”.

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In addition, Degtyarev starred in 35 films, including “Eternal call”, “bus Driver”, “Wanted person”, “Nikolay Vavilov”, etc.

Disabled actress was due to medical mistakes.

“It all started with an innocent morning – pricked her toe. The pain became every day stronger and stronger, began an abscess, tried to cure it with various ointments without turning to the doctors. But all means failed, and I was in the hospital, “said the actress to the edition of” Interlocutor”.

Antibiotics have not helped – developed gangrene. Surgeons trying to stop the disease, amputated finger. However, this had no effect. Then had a leg amputated.

“Spent six months in the hospital, while looking for the cause seven times I have been cut and stitched. You ask: and those people were punished?! God will punish you, but I do not care, most importantly – what to do next. Let them deal with their conscience,” – said Degtyarev.

Умерла самая красивая актриса советского кино

According to the actress, she saw no reason to fight without money from a soulless machine.

“I still experiences the doctors put. However, they were unsuccessful, so they, you know, caught. And to me they are bums trained – and it worked. My doctor said, “I cut homeless people – they are alive, and you what?” recalled Tamara Degtyareva.