Disappeared in Kyiv pereulok Soviet and Novorossiysk area

В Киеве исчезли переулок Советский и Новороссийская площадь

The Kyiv city Council on Thursday, December 6, approved the draft decision on renaming several streets of the capital. The document was supported by 66 deputies.

So, members renamed the lane Soviet, the area of Novorossiysk, as well as street Machine and Tolstoy, according to 44.ua.

The street Mekhanizatorov in Solomenskiy district renamed the street of General Shapoval; the street in the Desnyansky district renamed the street named after Vladimir Betz; area of Novorossiysk in the area renamed the area of Chernigov, and the lane Soviet, renamed the street of Konstantin Mikhalchuk.

In addition, in the area Desnyanskiy lane, which runs from the streets of Metropolitan Volodymyr Sabodan, has the name “lane Kovtunovskiy”.

Earlier, the city Council renamed the street Tver in honor of the famous Polish publicist and friend of Ukraine, Jerzy Giedroyc.

Also in Kiev was renamed five streets and one square, however, the court did not allow the renaming of prospect Vatutina.