Discovered a new tool that slows the aging process

Обнаружено новое средство, которое замедляет процесс старения

Specialists of the National University of Singapore, conducting an experiment on round worms, doubled their life expectancy.

Reports the group of scientists with connections of various drugs could slow the aging process. The worms were chosen for a reason: their short life expectancy and similar genetics with a person allowed to obtain reliable data. So, one of the components was rapamycin, which is used to minimize the risk of organ rejection during transplantation. In combination with it was tested rifampicin, psora-4, Metformin and allantoin.

Two combinations, consisting of two components – rapamycin-rifampicin and rifampicin-the psora-4 – render the action, not comparable to the application of each component separately. An identical result was achieved with the combinations rifampicin-allantoin and psora-4 and rifampicin-rapamycin-allantoin.

“The information obtained is useful not only from the point of view of extending life. We can prevent such age-related diseases like arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and other”, – commented one of the experts.