Discovered a new toxic pollutant

Обнаружено новое токсичное загрязняющее вещество

American scientists from Indiana University have discovered a new connection – tri (2,4-di-tert-butylphenyl)phosphate (abbreviated TDTBPP). The newly discovered compound belongs to the family of toxic organophosphates.

Reports, a new connection is the most widely used insecticides, as well as in consumer products and can be formed during chemical reactions. In addition, the high content of this compound found in the houses, in the electronics and disposed of in the environment.

“This compound causes us concern because of the presence of it in homes and at work”, say the researchers.

According to the study, people can be exposed to toxic pollutant, breathing contaminated dust or coming into contact of the substance with skin.

“The fact that this potentially toxic chemical is so common, but was previously unknown, is another example effektivnogo management of chemicals in the United States,” – noted experts.

They also explain that some chemical compounds, including TDTBPP, not subject to American Law on the control over toxic substances.

“Our research is the first step. Now that we know that TDTBPP common, especially in homes, scientists can mark it for further study and focus on understanding its impact on people,” say the environmentalists.