Disney released a computer key for the real fans of “Star wars”

Disney випустила компьютерные клавиши для настоящих фанатов «Звездных войн»

Company NovelKeys, Signature Plastics and Disney have released the official set of replacement keys for keyboard in explanation of the space Saga “Star wars.”

According to The Verge, a set of replacement license keys approved by Lucasfilm, has letters from the alphabet Aurebesh — basic galactic language in the space Saga. Will be available in two version Star Wars Galactic Empire DSA Keycap Set – Aurebesh and Hybrid. The first is designed for the most ardent fans of Star wars, and contains only characters of a fictional alphabet. A more moderate version enjoy Aurebesh is Latin. The cost of one kit is $250.

The previously released trailer for animated Star Wars from Disney. Disney also plans to release a prequel to “Star wars.” And the film “Star wars: the Last Jedi” Ryan Johnson shot a video for the song Oh Baby the American band LCD Soundsystem.