Disturbing resurgence of the virus in the giant chinese and indian

Recrudescence inquiétante du virus chez les géants chinois et indien

Recrudescence inquiétante du virus chez les géants chinois et indien

137 people have been infected since last week in Beijing, a megacity of 21 million people.


17 June 2020 22h22


Disturbing resurgence of the virus in the giant chinese and indian

Patrick Baert

Agence France-Presse

Gildas Le Roux

AFP – Agence France-Presse

BEIJING — China and India face an expansion worrisome of the new coronavirus, which is in contrast to its fall in Europe, where more signs of a return to normal, including in the sport.

While the French tennis Federation has “absolutely ruled out” Wednesday, the assumption of play closed the tournament in paris, Roland-Garros, initially expected in may, Germany announced that it was extending until November the ban of large gatherings to avoid the re-emergence of the coronavirus, which has yet to be relatively spared.

Situation is much more confused in Russia, a country with more than 550,000 cases to less than 7 500 deaths, where, although president Vladimir Putin has announced that the peak of the pandemic was “past”, already sixteen cities and twelve regions have announced that they would organize not to parade on the 24th of June, to celebrate the victory of 1945, for fear of contamination.

“The crisis is there, but it is managed”, said the head of the government of Brazil, general Walter Braga Netto, although the country, with more than 45,000 dead, has yet reported on the eve of a new record high of nearly 35, 000 new cases confirmed in 24 hours.

But it is in Beijing that the situation of the epidemic is considered “extremely serious” by the authorities, raising fears of a new wave of contaminations. 137 people have been infected since the last week in the megacity of 21 million people.

China had yet dammed to force quarantines and screening the coronavirus, which emerged in late 2019 at Wuhan in the centre of the country and has done so for over 445, 000 deaths in the world.

Rebound infections

And the authorities have reported isolated cases in the provinces of Hebei (north) and Zhejiang (east), but also in the great metropolis of Tianjin (16 million inhabitants), located in the south-east of Beijing.

“There’s nothing we can do,” says Beijing, resigned, the boss of the gym Break Gym, in the neighborhood very touched Fengtai, Xiao Tianwei, which closed its doors for screening its staff.

The rebound infection, which is centred around the market giant of Xinfadi in the south of the capital, has prompted the airport authorities to cancel Wednesday, more than a thousand flights at the departure and the arrival of the two airports in Beijing.

Recrudescence inquiétante du virus chez les géants chinois et indien

China is facing an expansion worrisome for the new coronavirus.

AFP Greg Baker

Another symbol of the sudden reconfinement being in Beijing: the schools have closed their doors Wednesday, and residents are invited to defer all non-essential travel.

Worrying Situation in India, where the balance sheet has increased to 2 000 dead in one day, bringing the total to 11 903 deaths.

Even if this increase suddenly is due in part to revisions of the figures for Mumbai and New Delhi, two of the cities hardest hit, the epidemic continues to grow at a rate of approximately 11 000 new cases are confirmed per day. And while the health system in indian is already saturated, and the experts believe that the peak is still to come.

The authorities of the capital New Delhi say they expect more than half a million patients COVID-19 at the end of July in the metropolis of 20 million inhabitants, that is, a multiplication by almost 20 in less than two months.

“Scientific breakthrough”

In the Face of the expansion of the virus, a glimmer of hope came Tuesday from leaders of the clinical trial british Recovery, who have discovered that a drug of the family of the steroid, dexamethasone, to reduce by one third the mortality in patients with the most severely affected. The world health Organization (WHO) has hailed a “breakthrough in science”.

The Alhambra reopens

A beautiful symbol, Spain has re-opened Wednesday to the public the Alhambra in Granada, jewel of islamic architecture and monuments among the most visited in the country.

“It is a pride to be here and be the first person to visit the Alhambra” since its reopening, told theAFP Mariana Castro Mendoza, a Mexican woman of 36 years old living in this city in the south of Spain.

Recrudescence inquiétante du virus chez les géants chinois et indien

The Alhambra in Granada, Spain, has reopened its doors to the public.

AFP, Jorge Guerrero

Freedom of movement will not, however, re-established in Spain that Sunday, the day also where the Spanish borders will re-open for european nationals.

Sweden, which has taken steps more flexible than its neighbours to contain the pandemic, reached Wednesday, the bar 5 000 deaths. According to an assessment of theAFP based on official sources, it is today one of the countries in the world most affected, with 499,1 deaths per million inhabitants, behind Belgium, the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy.

92 matches

The consequences of the pandemic on the european economy continue to be felt: the auto market has still fallen from 52.3% in may year on year, while the employees of major countries of the euro zone have seen their income melt of 7% during the confinement.

Thirty european associations have called Wednesday for the european Union to increase the means dedicated to the fight against poverty and food aid” in the face “a wave of poverty, without precedent, made worse by the epidemic”.

Air France is expected to announce the removal, on a voluntary basis, several thousands of posts, in the face of the crisis linked to the sars coronavirus, said Wednesday at theAFP several union sources.

As for the football, he resumed his duties Wednesday in his place of birth, England, waited anxiously by millions of viewers around the world, for a final frenzy of 92 matches behind closed doors in six weeks.

Recrudescence inquiétante du virus chez les géants chinois et indien

The games will take place behind closed doors.

AFP, Dave Thompson

In the United States, 117 290 deaths were registered, which is more than the number of american soldiers killed during the First world War (about 116 500 according to the department of veterans affairs).

The pandemic continues to rage in Latin America and the Caribbean, which have surpassed the 80 000 deaths. Chile has passed the threshold 220 000 contamination Wednesday.

In Africa, caregivers, front line of the pandemic say they are under pressure. According to the south african department of Health, more than 2 000 professionals in the sector have contracted the virus and at least 17 are dead.

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