Doctor Strange 2 : Namor could it be the big bad of the film ?

Doctor Strange 2 : Namor pourrait-il être le grand méchant du film ?

The director has just given a big clue about the identity of the villain in Doctor Strange 2 !

It’s been over two years now that the first part of Doctor Strange is taken out and the result is put gently in place. You have already revealed everything we already know about the date of filming and the director, but did you know that it has just teaser the big bad of the film. Scott Derrickson has published a tweet he has since deleted it (perhaps realizing his gaffe…) representing the cover of that issue Fear Itself : The Deep #1, released in 2011 and featuring Doctor Strange in the water, apparently pursued by Namor, the first mutant Marvel to be appeared in the comics (but not in the timeline). The métis, half human / half Atlanta is well-known to fans, who eagerly await its arrival at the cinema. But for the sake of competing rights, the character had not been used by any studio until Marvel gets finally the rights in the process of redemption of the Fox by Disney.

Doctor Strange 2 : Namor pourrait-il être le grand méchant du film ?

And with this tweet, the director has launched a wave of excitement among the fans. Because that would mean that Namor will finally land in the MCU and will therefore be one of the next great villains of the stage 4 ! Of course, its role is not yet disclosed, since the plot itself has not been leaked. And it is even more disturbing that Namor isn’t a villain like the others. First an antagonist of choice of the Fantastic 4, he will finally come over to the side of the gentiles in falling in love with the invisible woman. Its presence may be the sign of integration as expected from the small band to the MCU as a film on the Illuminati with Doctor Strange, the X-men and the Fantastic 4 would be in preparation. It is, therefore, may simply be the continued adventures of Stephen Strange in the film ! What do you think ?