Doctors told why it is harmful to work at night

Медики рассказали, почему вредно работать ночью

Intermittent schedule greatly increases the risk of developing type II diabetes. Maximum risk women, alternating day and night shifts, scientists warn, Harvard University.

Reports they analyzed data from several long-term studies on the health of medical staff. Duty in hospitals should be conducted around the clock, so nurses are forced to work both day and night, and in the evening. The study covered 143 410 nurses, 10 of 915 of them were identified with type two diabetes.

For every five years of work in intermittent chart the probability of developing the disease increased by a third.Much worse bad habits. Smoking, overweight, poor diet and lack of sport increases the risk of diabetes in 2.3 times.

Scientists have suggested that shift work causes disruption of the natural circadian rhythms in the body and this, in turn, leads to hormonal imbalances. Also unhealthy lifestyle can negatively affect beneficial bacteria in the gut.