Dominique Anglade does not support LNG-Quebec

Dominique Anglade n’appuie pas GNL-Québec

Photo: Jacques Boissinot The canadian Press
The new head of the QLP, Dominique Anglade, and is committed in favour of a Quebec carbon neutral by 2050.

Just crowned at the head of the liberal Party of Quebec, Dominique Anglade stressed on Tuesday the importance that it attaches to the environment, arguing that it had never given its support to the draft Energy Saguenay LNG-Québec.

“I have not given… so then, I’m really going to take a bit the record straight “, she started when The Duty was questioned on the favourable opinion which she expressed on this project a few days ago.

“It is clear that, a priori, there are many issues in relation to this, you don’t have the will hide not. There are many challenges to meet a carbon neutrality in relation to this project, ” she added.

The Daily reported on 6 may that Dominique Anglade has given its support to the draft Energy Saguenay, whose funding is found to compromise a few months ago. His stance has delighted LNG-Québec, of which the director is said to be “extremely happy” in the pages of the same newspaper.

However, Dominique Anglade is committed in favour of a Quebec carbon neutral by 2050, she recalled Tuesday. She said that she was “in favour, absolutely in favour” of the proposal of the young liberals, who had requested that the next liberal government to put an end to investments and subsidies in the hydrocarbon in the first two years of its mandate.

The new head of the LPQ has also defended the involvement of Patrice Ryan in his campaign. The expert in “public affairs” has been hired in 2016 as a lobbyist for TransCanada, in order to promote the proposed Energy East. He led the race for the leadership of Dominique Anglade and ensures to present the transition of its teams. “It is not he who holds the plume” when proposals are made, she said.

“Patrice Ryan, it is first and foremost someone who is an activist of the liberal Party for over 45 years. “

New powers

After the collapse of the vote in French-speaking election in October 2018, a good number of liberals have argued the importance of taking a turn nationalist. Dominique Anglade, who claimed the legacy of Robert Bourassa, was one of those.

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In his interview with The Duty, she claimed to have the intention of claiming new powers to Ottawa. “I think we must assert itself even more from a point of view of quebec, both on the national scene as the international scene. So, it’s going to be very concrete proposals “, she said.

The elected montreal has refused to provide more details on this subject. “We’ll come back in a timely manner out of it,” she merely said.

The new head of the official opposition, the first woman to lead the QLP, will lead this Wednesday the double question and answer period that will mark the return of the elected officials in the blue Room.

In the Face of the Coalition avenir Québec, of which she was the chairperson in 2012-2013, she said want to bet on a “constructive approach” and bring ” solutions “. The criticism will not be evacuated for the same. “If you phrase a criticism, it is that we say that there is another way of doing things,” she said.

Dominique Anglade has also rejected the rumours that the “clans” have formed within the liberal caucus. It has not done as much when it was a question of changes which it would like to proceed. “We can expect that there will be changes indeed,” she said, after indicating that these mutations will not occur by the end of the parliamentary session.

Without detour, the ex-minister of the Economy asserted that it was ” not a head of transition “. The objective is ” clear “, she added, and he leads her right to the seat of first minister.

Why covet does she have this position ? “I think that one is rendered at a stage where it really needs to have a project of society, in which people will recognize,” she replied. “I want to bring this proposal and to ensure that each person feels that she can be everything she can be, that every region of Quebec feel that it can be also. “

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