“- Dosseh : Accustomed number 1 songs most listened in France, Booba valid

Dosseh : Habitué numéro 1 des morceaux les plus écoutés en France, Booba valide

While Accustomed ” – dosseh is currently number 1 in the charts in France, Booba has validated the piece on its social networks.

“Used to, used to, accustomed…” Since last Friday, and the release of our new title ” – dosseh, you must certainly be humming this chorus in the loop. Don’t worry, you’re not alone : in fact, with “Used to it”, the rapper Orleans is currently the artist most listened to in France on the platforms of streaming. It must be said that with this song poignant, he could only win the support of the public… Just like Booba (which a priori will never Fit in the circle of Sofiane), which has validated the piece several times on Instagram.

#USED @dossehofficiel #1 #numérouno #vafalloirsyhabituer #VIDALO$$A @oumardinho @spotify

A publication shared by KOPP92i In üs we trust (@boobaofficial) May 15, 2018 at 6 :49 am PDT

This sentence… #USED @dossehofficiel

A publication shared by KOPP92i In üs we trust (@boobaofficial) May 14, 2018 at 9 :52 am PDT

#USED @dossehofficiel #youtube #disponiblepartout ⛏

A publication shared by KOPP92i In üs we trust (@boobaofficial) May 10, 2018 at 4 :00 am PDT

“#USED @dossehofficiel #1 #numérouno #vafalloirsyhabituer #VIDALO$$A @oumardinho @spotify” says B2O in the comment of a photo on which one can see that ” – Dosseh is the artist most listened to at this time. “This sentence… #USED @dossehofficiel” declares the Duke of Boulogne, in another post, in the comment a video in which we hear the following sentence : “for years, I waited that my life is changing / and then I understood that it was she who wanted me to change”. Booba (who has recently dealt with The Weasel pointer) rarely this kind of praise, even for the artists that he produced, this track has really had to do dig it…

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