Downton Abbey, the movie : The first trailer full of nostalgia unveiled

We are told in the atrium that the trailer of Downton Abbey is to watch for any emergency !

If you thought that the family Crawley had drawn his bow when the sixth season of the series, it is that you did not put enough hope in its members. Downton Abbey will officially very soon reopen its doors. You already had been able to you delight in the return of Crawley on the first photos of filming, it is now time to see the first trailer. The nostalgia rises quickly over the images, focused on the preparation of the manor house legendary the return of their legitimate owners, some months after the end of the series. Images that remind us a lot the first episode of the series, and that should not be totally due to chance. Ready to fall into the dramas without end by Joanne Froggatt aka Anna Bates, Maggie Smith aka Violet Crawley, Michelle Dockery aka Mary Crawley or even Laura Carmichael aka Lady Edith ?

Downton Abbey, le film : Le premier trailer plein de nostalgie d?voil?

See the key players of the series to take their roles with so much enthusiasm warms my heart. It must be said that their misfortune as their happiness have thrilled millions of fans around the world, who have suddenly discovered a emphasis English aristocrat. Unfortunately, all the world could not answer this and one of the favorite characters of fans will not be in the film Downton Abbey. But top of the hearts, a new character will come and replaced the absent in your mind. Played by Imelda Staunton, well-known for his role of the foul Dolores Umbridge in the saga Harry Potter, there is no doubt that this character is going to come put his grain of salt in the life of Crawley. If you’re as impatient as us to discover how to have evolved all the members of the family, you will still need to wait until the month of September 2019 !