Dr. Anthony Fauci pessimistic for the season of the NFL

Le Dr Anthony Fauci pessimiste pour la saison de la NFL

Le Dr Anthony Fauci pessimiste pour la saison de la NFL

Dr. Anthony Fauci


June 18, 2020 21h18


Dr. Anthony Fauci pessimistic for the season of the NFL


Agence France-Presse

LOS ANGELES — Dr. Anthony Fauci, immunologist-in-chief of the White House, warned on Thursday that the season of the NFL would have a hard start as expected in September because of the sars coronavirus, if not in a “bubble”.

“Unless the players are grouped in a bubble, isolated from the population and they are tested almost every day, it is very difficult to imagine how one could play football this fall,” said Dr. Fauci on CNN.

“If there is a second wave of the pandemic, which is of course a possibility and that would be even more complicated because of the flu season expected, [the season] football could not take place this year,” he insisted.

The basketball leagues (NBA) and soccer (MLS), who are preparing for their arrival in July at Disney World in Orlando, have made a difficult choice to imagine for the NFL: resume the competition on a single site.

“We don’t think this is practical or suitable,” said the medical director of the NFL, Allen Sills. “Anyone who is positive will remain quarantined until he is medically cleared to play again”.

The league and the players union remain in talks on the exact details of the protocols that will be put in place, including screening.

The NFL does everything it takes to “mitigate the risks to the health of the players,” assured Mr. Sills. “Do not be deceived, this is not an easy task. We will make the necessary adjustments to meet the guidelines of public health. We will be flexible in order to adapt to the virus depending on its evolution”.

While several players from the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans were declared positive at the COVID-19 in recent days, the coach of the Baltimore Ravens John Harbaugh has expressed his dissatisfaction with regard to the measures of safety presented by the league to the clubs, believing that they were “humanly impossible” to meet.

The NFL has planned to make the start of training camps in July, with games of preseason in August and the opening of the regular season on September 10 at Kansas City between the Chiefs, champions in title, and the Texans.

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