Drake, Harry Styles, Ariana Grande… to The playlist of the week of the best artists in Spotify 2018

Check out our playlist of the best artists of 2018, according to Spotify !

The end of the year is fast approaching, and Spotify has already made available online its rankings of 2018. As in recent years, Drake is at the top of all tops Spotify. The Canadian rapper has actually raised more than $ 8.2 billion streams in 2018, and then becomes the artist, the more streamé of all time. His album Scorpio is in first place in its category. Same for “God’s Plan” , which is the single most listened to since it harvest 1 billion streams since its release. Other artist present in the ranking and our playlist, Camila Cabello, who is preparing a collaboration with a famous singer in 2019. We listen to “Havana” oh nana.

It continues with Ariana Grande, which was listened to by more than 48 million listeners per month this year. She becomes the female artist, the most listened to on the platform, taking the place of Rihanna, who has been three times champion. Listening to “thank u “next”, streamé more than 220 million times since its release. We continue with BTS and their title “Fake Love” and “Girl Crush” Harry Styles, “rockstar” Post Malone, “IDGAF” from Dua Lipa and “Delicate” of Taylor Swift. On the side of the French-speaking artists, we listen to Aya Nakamura, Damso, and Bigflo & Oli. Finally, we listen to artists like Kendrick Lamar er Travis Scott, who is at the origin of a problem of classification of Billboard 200.