Dwayne Johnson will star in kenogamissi

Дуэйн Джонсон снимется в кинокомиксе

Warner Bros. and DC are going to start shooting kinokomiksa in March 2020.

The company Adam will make three superhero team the justice Society of America (JSA), namely hawkman, stargirl’s got us the Atom Breaker, but it is not yet known who will get these roles.

The first supervillain Black Adam appeared in the comic series “Marvel Family” in 1945. Later, in kenogamissi “Shazam” Black Adam was depicted as ancient Egyptian predecessor of Captain marvel named Teth Adam.

Before the age of modernity, Adam again defied the Shazam and his associates. Sometimes he also acted as the enemy of Superman.

In the early 2000s, Geoff Johns, David Goyer and other authors rewrote the way Black Adam, making him an antihero trying to clear his name. On this version of the character and the plot will be based on the upcoming tape, writes the Chronicle.info.