“Dynamo” has hit the top 20 football clubs of all time

«Динамо» попало в топ-20 футбольных клубов всех времен

The British football magazine FourFourTwo has made a rating of the best 20 teams of all time. It included clubs, which impressed the whole world a particular style of play.

Kiev “Dynamo” in the ranking at the 20th position. As noted by the compilers of the list in the comments, Dynamo coach Valery Lobanovsky has developed a scientific approach to the preparation of players, he three times led the club and during these three periods raised above the head 29 of the team trophies, including 12 victories in the national championship. The second of these periods “is really popular and iconic perception of “Dynamo” in the world”. Headed by Oleg Blokhin and Igor Belanova team that won the Cup winners ‘ Cup in 1986 in Lyon, was “an excellent example of the implementation of lobanovskyi on the football chess”.

Earlier it was reported that “Dynamo” has occupied 11 place in the ranking of clubs by UEFA. FIFA has published a new rating of national teams and UEFA chose the symbolic team of the XXI century.