Dynasty, season 2 : Episode 14, Fallon, and Sammy Jo to Paris to save Steven, our critical

Dynasty season 2 was finally back last night on The CW with a previously unseen episode. Here’s all the result of our review of episode 14, “the Parisian Legend Has It”

More than a month after the last episode of Dynasty season 2, which was completed in full cliffhanger, we finally found the series last night on The CW, with episode 14 new ! And “Parisian Legend Has It” has given us many revelations and twists. First of all, we learned that after the murder of Mark Jennings and the fall of a horse made of Crystal, this one has lost her baby, and may not be ever having children. Blake has taken to heart to find the culprit of this barbaric act, and quickly suspected john Mack, a man’s hand that he had used to ward off Marc Jennings some time before. Alexis, hearing his suspicions, told Blake that she had seen Mack the day of the accident. If, of course, the man denied being the author (since it is Alexis), Blake has still ended up killing him, convinced that it was him, and Anders had then thrown his body in a lake !

Dynastie saison 2 : Episode 14, Fallon et Sammy Jo à Paris pour sauver Steven, notre critique

The end for Steven and Sammy Jo ?

This episode of Dynasty has also signed the return of Steven ! Sammy Jo and Fallon went to Paris, since the american embassy has reported that he had lost his passport and was stuck in the French capital. If we had the right to the most beautiful accent of the actors of the series and of the beautiful scenery of the french touch, we mostly had the right to discover a Steven metamorphosed… coming out of a very big bad trip to Paraguay. He explained to her husband and her sister that a friend of his, George, had taken him to the French capital, and he absolutely wanted to introduce them to this person, but every time George disappeared mysteriously. Fallon and Sammy Jo, were Steven sometimes alcoholic and incoherent, and have come to believe that this George did not exist, that he was a character invented by his favorite novel. And when they confronted Steven to know the truth, he fled. But when Sam and Fallon have found in the apartment, they also discovered a rope, leaving them to think that Steven wanted to hang himself ! After a scene really painful, they eventually take Steven in a French hospital specialized for the treatment.

Dynastie saison 2 : Episode 14, Fallon et Sammy Jo à Paris pour sauver Steven, notre critique

George… Or rather Adam !

The goodbye have obviously been very sad, especially between Steven and Sammy Jo. The latter knows that he must let them go, and go now to the front, away from this destructive relationship. Back in Atlanta, Fallon, however, has asked Sam to stay and live in Carrington, because she does not want to lose a second brother. As for herself, she has decided to tell Culhane what it was all officially completed them, and it seems to have lived well, since it looks like he is now very close to Kirby ! Finally, the episode ends with Steven, at the French hospital, reviewing and… George ! In the end, this last is not a delusion and is very real. He did everything for Fallon and Sammy to take Steven for a fool and manipulated for revenge, because in reality, George is… Adam, the missing son of Blake and Alexis ! He is now ready to make a comeback in Carrington. But what a turnaround ! This episode 14 Dynasty season 2 was to our taste the best of the entire season, or even of the entire series. Dynamic and full of revelations, we were also very touched by the very good acting from James MacKay (Steven). The decor parisians have also added an extra touch to the originality of the episode. It is hoped, moreover, that the fact to see Steven in hospital in France does not mean its last appearance in the series. that is what give already looking forward to a new episode from next Friday on The CW ! And in the meantime, be aware that SPOILER is going to turn to leave Dynasty.