Dynasty, season 2 : Episode 5, SPOILER made a comeback, our critical

Last night was aired the episode 5 of Dynasty season 2 on The CW. After full of twists and turns, it is time to reveal to you our critique of the “Queen Of Cups”

Last week on Dynasty, we learned that Steven was leaving the Carrington to relax in Paraguay. Episode 5 aired last night is, of course, proceeded without him, and we got to see a Sammy Jo somewhat lonely… But it was mainly attended many twists and turns ! First, Fallon has wanted to organize a party to a divorce to formalize his separation with Liam, but also to be seen well to the shareholders of Carrington Atlantic. If she put the small dishes in the large for a memorable evening, and Liam, himself, has gone a step further with a little slideshow and a sublime discourse. He took the opportunity to slide the ear of Fallon that he was in love with her, and that it would not change. And the young woman, a little tipsy, kissed him ! The two former-current-future lovers have even came close to sleeping together when the young woman fell on the surveillance cameras, where she saw Culhane, under the constraint of Ada. She believed that her fiancé was cheating on her realized that it was manipulated… And Jeff has landed, surprising Fallon and Liam together.

Dynastie saison 2 : Episode 5, SPOILER fait un retour fracassant, notre critique

What is the future for Liam & Fallon ?

If it is not yet known who will be on Fallon between Culhane and Liam, Blake, on his side, has made his choice. More and more close to the new Crystal, it has come to embrace it ! And we also learned that he had even closed the clinic where worked the young woman, for she no longer has any reason to leave. The rogue… also, Crystal brought in a woman medium in Carrington to inform each member of the family. Thus, Sammy Jo has learned that he was going to change my life, and decided to seek a surrogate mother, with the help of Anders. He even submitted the proposal to Kirby ! Blake, himself, has learned to give his forgiveness and to live in peace after the painful times that he lived. As for Alexis, she knows that a man for whom she still has feelings should soon make him a marriage proposal… But this man will also die soon ! Who is it ? Blake ? Anders ? Hank ?

Dynastie saison 2 : Episode 5, SPOILER fait un retour fracassant, notre critique

The fiery return of Claudia !

Precisely, speaking of Hank, he has been review in this episode of Dynasty. He even tried to resell the painting that Alexis had given him in bail. Blake has also been made aware, and is more than ready to stop Hank, whom he accused to be the murderer of Crystal, since it’s believed to be the arsonist. But Hank hasn’t finished to sing the Carrington… At the end of the episode, it was discovered in the company of a child, Matthew but also… Claudia ! The woman upset which has made the reign of the terror in the first season has delivered, and is back, more ready than ever to put the chaos in the family ! The future looks complicated for the Carrington… in This episode of Dynasty has been full of twists and revelations. What we give forward to see what we reserve the future ! Waiting for next Friday for a new episode, you can discover the theory WTF of the week.