Dynasty, season 2 : Liam soon back in the series alongside Fallon ? An index proves otherwise !

If many people believed hard as iron at the back close to Liam in Dynasty, this is apparently not anytime soon… Fallon will still have to go several days without him

While the mid season of Dynasty has provided us with a lot of suspense and dramas, we imagined all finally find Liam in this episode… But no ! No news of the ex-acolyte-husband-partner-lover of Fallon Carrington. We don’t know what it is, and no one knows especially not when it will come back. However, we’re not going to lie, it would be nice to find it within the series, especially as the wedding of Fallon and Culhane approaching. And if we could believe in an apparition miracle in the return of Dynasty, the 18th of January, it will be necessary, apparently, to review our requirements to the downside, given the index recently unveiled by the actors in the series…

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At this time, the actors of Dynasty are shooting in Paris for a special episode and Elizabeth Gillies (Fallon) has also posted several photos, including the one at the palace of Versailles, on his account Instagram. But Adam Huber, who plays the role of Liam, is not that of the party saw the comment that he left : “Not jealous at all… Ok maybe a little.” You’ll understand, Liam will probably make any appearance in this special episode of Dynasty, and his return does not seem planned for now. Only hope that the producers of the series does come back before the wedding of Fallon, history to make even a drama, as we love in the series ! Response from the 18 January on The CW.