Ear – Shakhtar – 3:4 Chronicle of the match, goals video!

Колос - Шахтер - 3:4 Хроника матча, видео голов

In the match 22-th round of the championship of Ukraine “Kolos” from Kovaleski lost to Shakhtar Donetsk. The meeting was held in Kiev at the stadium “Obolon-Brovar”.

“Apostrophe” conducted an online broadcast of the match “Kolos” – “Shakhtar”.


EAR – SHAKHTAR – 3:4 (1:2)

Goals: Milko (37, 76), Gavrish (67, penalty) – Tyson (12, pen), Moraes (32, 81), Aunt (60)

Kolos: Wolyniec, Gavrish, Efremov, Yemets (Chernomorets, 75), Milko Petrov, Orikhovskiy (Bondarenko, 88), Bogdanov, Ilyin, Vilhjalmsson, Lysenko (Kozhushko, 58).

Shakhtar: Pyatov, Ismaily, Kryvtsov (Cooper, 74), Dodo (Bolbat, 64), Matvienko, Aunt, Maicon, Linnet (Bondarenko, 73), Marcos, Antonio, Tyson, Moraes.

: Petrov (11), Yemets (32), Efremov (33), Moraes (41), Aunt (45), Milko (56), Kryvtsov (67), Marcos Antonio (85).

Removal: Marcos Antonio (90+6)


Despite the defeat, Kolos took the sixth place, as in a parallel match “Mariupol” lost to “Dnipro”. Thus, the “spike” will continue to fight for medals and places in Euro cups.

Match completed! “Shakhtar” won “ear” with the score 4:3!

90+6 – Delete! Antonio knocked Gavrish and got yellow card which was his second in the match.

90+5 – Moontime! Pyatov made a mistake at the exit, Bondarenko punched it would seem for sure, but Cooper’s head knocked the ball out of empty gates!

90+3 – Tete has scored a goal, but before that, ismaily made a foul in attack. Yellow card for ismaily.

90 – Five minutes to compensate the referee in the second half!

89 – Chernomorets suddenly shot from 40 meters above the goal. Rash but Pyatov came out of the gate, so it could get the ball salivart.

88 – Vilhjalmsson struck his head after a corner – kick.

87 – Replacing the “Ear”! Bondarenko came out instead Arabskogo.

86 – Antonio hands stopped break Vilhjalmsson and got yellow card.

82 LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Maicon shot from 15 meters, Volynets reflected shock. Ismaily caught the ball near the byline, shot along the gate and Moraes scored from close range! 3-4!

79 – Kozhushko almost popped one on one, but Pyatov rushed out of goal and intercepted the ball.

77 – Ilyin broke into the penalty area and shot along the goal and the ball hit the hand of defender of “Shakhtar”. However, the arbitrator is not appointed another 11-metre in gate “miners”.

76 COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Bogdanov hung with a penalty kick, the ball no one touched, which was a surprise for the net. The goalkeeper parried the ball in front of him and Milko from three meters sent the ball head into the goal! 3-3! Brewing sensation with us!

75 – Replaced with “Ear”! Chernomorets changed Emeca.

74 – Substitution at Shakhtar! Cooper came on for Kryvtsov.and

72 – Substitution at Shakhtar! Bondarenko was replaced by Konoplyanka.

71 – Tete cut in the centre of the box to Moraes, but Gavrish in a beautiful cast head knocked the ball.

69 – Moontime! Vilhjalmsson beat several opponents, burst into the penalty area and the performance was shot towards the far corner, but Pyatov in a brilliant shot which was parried!

68 – And in a parallel match “Dnepr-1” was scored “Mariupol” and won with the score 1:0. Thus Azov club plays nine men. Thus, the “Spike” doesn’t even need to score points today.

67 – COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Gavrish just struck from the penalty spot! 2-3!

65 – Penalty! Kryvtsov was shot down in his own penalty Emeca. Yellow card and 11-meter!

64 – Substitution at Shakhtar! Bolbat replaced Dodo.

63 – Moraes won the ball from the Milko and went one on one, but the referee has fixed a foul in attack by Ukrainian Brazilian.

60 – LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Ismaily took the ball on the flank and passed to Antonio, who found in a free kick Aunt. The Brazilian received a pass and from close range struck the gate! 1-3!

58 – Replacing the “Ear”! Kozhushko is Lysenko.

57 – Bogdanov hung from a standard – straight into the arms of Pyatov.

55 – Milko hit the Linnet on the wing and got yellow card.

55 – Dangerous! Took a corner, the hosts went transmission Arabskogo, which is 14 meters struck the crossbar! Clearly better “ear” in the last minute.

54 – Vilhjalmsson a dangerous cross to the far post where it was Lysenko, but Kryvtsov ahead of the striker.

53 – Dangerous! A mistake by the players of Shakhtar in their own half, the ball bounced to Lysenko, who from 20 metres struck the post!

52 – After a corner Emets punched since the summer, but hit the defender.

51 – the Moment! Orehovski cool shot from a free kick, but Pyatov in the cast hit the ball!

50 – ismaily foul tore ilina breakthrough on the flank. Could the referee to show the card to the Brazilian, but limited the penalty.

48 – Yet without the aggravation spend the first minutes of the half.

The second half began!

The first half ended! Kolos plays “the miner” with the score 1:2!

Two minutes compensated for the referee in the first half.

45 – Aunt waved off Wilhelmsson and got yellow card.

44 – Efremov was on the flank and hung in the penalty area on Vilhjalmsson, but the Icelander’s head struck the crossbar.

43 – Dangerous! Lysenko headed goalwards from close range, but hit Krivtsov!

42 – Bogdanov powerfully struck free-kick from 30 yards missed the target.

40 – Moraes on their half of the field was hit by Bogdanov and got yellow card.

37 – LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Pyatov grossly mistaken in the transmission, Milko picked up the ball, entered the penalty area and struck a powerful blow. Pyatov turned the ball away, which he set in the gate! 1-2!

36 – Lysenko received a pass in the penalty area, tried to shoot, but hit the net. However, the forward “Ear” was still in an offside position.

33 – Efremov booked for a foul on ismaily and got yellow card.

32 – Yemets received a yellow card.

32 – LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Linnet burst into the penalty area and struck a powerful blow, Wolyniec hit the ball, but Moraes was first on the rebound! 0-2!

31 – Time! My aunt struck a powerful shot from outside the box, but Wolyniec hit the ball!

29 – Regularly possess the ball, the players of Shakhtar, but the owners are unable to organize the attack.

26 – ismaily found in the free Aunt, who passed it to taison. Followed lumbago along the gate, Volynets knocked the ball and then the defenders managed to defuse the situation.

23 – Danger! Orehovski powerful shot from distance and the ball went near the top corner!

22 – Vilhjalmsson hung on the flank, but Arabskogo failed to head the ball.

19 – Danger! Ismaily drilled a cross from the flank, the ball bounced to Maicon, who from 12 meters hit the defender!

16 – ismaily a dangerous ball into the penalty area, but the little Aunt did not reach the ball.

14 – Played a corner to the hosts, but the draw resulted in the offside position at Ilyin.

12 – LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Tyson easily beat the goalkeeper! 0-1!

12 – Penalty! Petrov knocked Moraes, who was one-on-one. Yellow card and the 11-meter.

11 – Orehowsky was on the flank and drilled a cross into the penalty area, but anybody from partners to a ball was not in time.

9 – In the stands showed the head coach “Wolfsburg” Oliver Glasner. It is with the German club “Shakhtar” will play in the 1/8 finals of the Europa League.

7 – Bogdanov hung from a standard, Dodo unsuccessfully knocked the ball, but it was backed up by Pyatov, who took the ball in his hands.

5 – Moment! Konoplyanka free-kick and hit the post!

3 – ismaily raced down the flank and crossed the ball to the penalty line where Bogdanov was shot down Antonio. Will be a dangerous standard.

The match is underway!

Kyiv stadium Obolon is ready to host a match.

Колос - Шахтер - 3:4 Хроника матча, видео голов

The favorite of the series according to bookmakers are guests. The victory of “Shakhtar” accept rate by a factor of 1.29. DRA estimated the price of 6.00. Winning “Ear” can be supplied with a ratio of 9.20.

After 21 rounds of “Shakhtar” confidently is in the lead in the standings Ukrainian Premier League, with 56 points. “Ear” is on sixth position with 26 points.

In the first round of the “miner” has crushed “ear” with the score 6:0. The victory of “miners” brought doubles Junior Moraes and Tyson, as well as Yevgen Konoplyanka and Dodo.


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