Eating organic food can prevent cancer

Употребление в пищу органических продуктов может предотвратить рак

Scientists conducted a study and found that eating organic foods significantly reduce the risk of cancer.

Reports the experiment was conducted from 2009 to 2016. It was attended by about 70 thousand people. People were divided into four groups depending on the share of organic products in the diet. In addition, they considered other factors that affect the risk of developing tumors. The result was that those who ate organic food more often, 25% less was at risk of cancer. Meanwhile, the probability of occurrence of colon cancer or prostate this diet not affected.

Experts explained that this result stems from the fact that the body of people who use a lot of organic products contain less residues of pesticides and fertilizers used in agriculture. If the results are confirmed, promoting the consumption of organic products the General population may be part of the strategy to prevent cancer.

Recall that organic food is the products that are made without using synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, growth regulators, artificial food additives and non-GMO.