Economist Alexander Okhrimenko: laws about “EuroBLECH” will lead to large-scale tax evasion and does not solve the problem

 Экономист Александр Охрименко: законы о «евробляхах» приведут к масштабной неуплате налогов и не решат проблему

Approved by the Verkhovna Rada of the law on the new procedure of taxation of cars with foreign registration, repeat the experience of third world countries and will lead to massive tax evasion. This is in exclusive comments the online edition of UA.News said President of the Ukrainian analytical center Alexander Okhrimenko.

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the laws on “outrage” and relevant international practice. In his opinion, such laws of Ukraine follows the experiences of underdeveloped countries of dubious reputation.

 Экономист Александр Охрименко: законы о «евробляхах» приведут к масштабной неуплате налогов и не решат проблему

Alexander Okhrimenko

economic expert

“It is like a practice Albania, Bangladesh and Ecuador. It is exactly the same situation as in Ukraine – a huge number of stolen cars, a huge number of American used cars and there do not pay taxes”

The analyst also believes that the introduction of new taxes and penalties will lead to the fact that soon in Ukraine there will be a large number of imported second-hand and stolen cars. In addition, Oleksandr Okhrimenko said that now the Verkhovna Rada is trying to “quietly” make the law on raising the excise tax on gasoline. In his opinion, this will lead to the fact that “in Ukraine soon there will be many cheap “junk”, dressed in expensive gasoline.”

At the same time, according to the economist, to solve the problem “EuroBLECH” it could be a simpler way.

“In 90-e years in the times of Leonid Kuchma, the problem of foreign-registered cars already existed. Then passed a new law that within 90 days the owners were given two options: either to take the car abroad and left there because it was taken by proxy or customs clearance. Some people were taken, and part cleared. The only thing is that if the police saw uncleared “EuroBLECH”, then stopped it and big fines. This problem is solved very easily and, if desired, it could be elementary to decide. We have a huge National guard and the National police, if you want “EuroBLECH” could be eliminated in one day. Another thing is that the siloviki have no desire to do it. Interior Minister Arsen Avakov is “in proportion” protest meetings were organized with the feed, it is specially tailored to the Verkhovna Rada “eurobserv”. It’s not a secret and everyone knows about it”

— Alexander Okhrimenko,

the President of the Ukrainian analytical center

Recall, November 8, the Verkhovna Rada adopted two bills on the new order of import of cars with foreign registration.

In particular, the draft law No. 8487, introduces a new model for the taxation of previously imported cars with foreign registration. Bill No. 8488 allows non-residents to import into Ukraine without payment of cash collateral of only one car, and increases the penalties for violation of customs rules.