Educational requirements for “pharmacy” of the bill impossible, – the teacher

Образовательные требования "аптечного" законопроекта невыполнимы, - преподаватель

To obtain the master’s degree level in the field of pharmaceutics in less than 5 years, it is impossible. And such legislative initiatives are simply not feasible.

About it told the candidate of pharmaceutical Sciences, associate Professor of the chair of Toxicological and inorganic chemistry of Zaporozhye state medical University Alexander Kremzer, commenting on the draft law No. 8591.

“If the younger specialist that 4 years of study necessary, but certainly not less. For the year to obtain a master’s degree is unrealistic. You understand that it is not only Ukrainian education. We are in one educational space with Europe. I don’t know who a year to prepare, but certainly not the pharmacists,” said he, commenting on the provisions of bill No. 8591 of the mandatory educational level of master in the field of pharmacy all pharmacy business owners.

Note that to bring your business to the requirements of the “pharmaceutical law” the authors offer a five-year term.

“Or you need to provide any five-year period, to be able to all those who do not have … And actually, I’ll say this – if in Kiev, almost all owners of pharmacy business is the people who have higher pharmaceutical education . In Zaporozhye it is, and I know about it because you are a member of the Board of the Zaporozhye regional Association of pharmacists and own the information. In General, I believe that it is generally not a critical topic for discussion, especially in order to legally raise”, – said the scientist.

We will remind, in the tax Committee believe that artificial regulation of the pharmacy market will lead to a shortage of medicines.