Electrocardiogram in a smartphone: a new invention will soon be available

Кардиограмма в смартфоне: новое изобретение вскоре станет доступным

To check the functioning of the heart, it will be possible even while driving

ECG without Queuing and output – soon this luxury will be available not only in hospital but also in the mobile phone.

To check the functioning of the heart, it will be possible even while driving. How this will work – have seen journalists Today.

Miniature camera developed by the Roman Belkin, reduces the performance of the heart constantly. The author of the project worked on its creation two years and another year improved.

“Is attached at the chest, and if it finds any issues with the heart, he instantly sends notifications to the relatives of the user or the doctors,” – said Roman Belkin.

The prototype of the invention passed the signal through a wireless link – Bluetooth. The new version can signal danger four different ways.

“The device records ECG data, temperature, movement, and then transmits these data. They are transmitted to the cloud storage, where the underlying analysis. Analyzed the data appears on your smartphone. So you can see the state of your heart,” explained the technical Director of the project Maria Mechanic.

Everything works very easy – just remove the device from the box, turn it on and no presets to stick to the body. 15 squats with a rhythmic pattern of ECG device showed palpitation of the heart, like the man in the Pis.

Data are removed every 10 seconds. To make a cardiogram at home, the Ukrainians will have this year. The authors promise that for seniors and people with heart defects, the device will sell at a discount.

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