Elizabeth II upset by the scandals around of Meghan Markle ? Here’s what she thinks

But really think queen Elizabeth II of the polemics related to Meghan Markle and his family ? We have the answer !

Contrary to what some people think, Meghan Markle is far from being disliked by the staff of the palace. In reality, the duchess of Sussex is very much appreciated by its staff. And, according to the information that run in the british press, the young woman has managed to get a nice place within the royal family. To the point of having a beautiful relationship with the queen of England. However, Meghan Markle must also deal with the controversies that surround his loved ones and the statements sometimes very displaced his father Thomas and his half-sister Samantha. A complicated situation. But it is actually the monarch of england in embarrassment ? Here is his opinion on the matter.

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According to the revelations of a source royale, Vanity Fair, queen Elizabeth II does not appreciate really how Meghan Markle manages his family problems : “The Queen was afraid that the worries of Meghan become uncontrollable, and this has been the case. She wanted, moreover, to fix the situation, make it go away, but Meghan has preferred not to react and to cope alone. But even if the Queen does not always agree with Meghan, it has a lot of respect for it. Her Majesty leaves so handle its problems as it sees fit”. You will have understood it, the Sovereign respects the choices of his beautiful granddaughter and supporting it in its decisions. The image of Kate Middleton who has obtained a privilege on the part of the royal family that Diana never had.