Emma (The Voice Kids 5) : His victory, his coach Jenifer and Soprano… The winner of the show says it all (EXCLUDED)

Emma, the big winner of The Voice Kids 5 is entrusted exclusively to melty to speak of his adventure.

Emma won the season 5 of The Voice Kids that you can relive live on melty. At 9 years old, the young singer has managed to conquer the hearts of the viewers with her powerful voice, of the angel. After a course without fault in the team of Soprano talent, was joined that of Jenifer, who has decided to save it to the gates of the final. Emma who was at the head of forecasts of internet users is back exclusively for melty on her journey in the adventure. Its first performance, its relationship with the other candidates and the coaches, the big winner of The Voice Kids 5 tells us everything.

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Congratulations to my little sweet Emma ????. You really deserved this trophy. You have all of dream !!! Melia, I’m so happy to have shared this adventure with you. Don’t give up you are amazing !! I love you fort fort fort #thevoicekids #nouveautrophée #winner

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melty : You are the big winner of The Voice Kids 5, what do you feel ?

Emma, winner of The Voice Kids 5 : I am super happy but then mega happy because it was my dream since I was little !

melty : This is past what is in your head when Nikos announced that you were the winner ?

Emma : I was really surprised because the level was very high !

melty : Of the other seven finalists, which you seemed to be the most dangerous ?

Emma : Ermonia, no doubt. She sings really well. Everything she makes is really beautiful… I didn’t have a chance to win !

melty : Is there a performance that you particularly affected this year ?

Emma : All the performance of Ermonia have been exceptional. If not, the most important for me was , “I’m sick” by Serge Lama.

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#TeamAmel found Ermonia in the Final, supported by his coach Amel ! In the meantime the Final of #TheVoiceKids… Back on the course of the girl ! Watch ????⤵ ▶ To review the entirety of its benefits : https://www.tf1.fr/tf1/the-voice/videos/prestations-d-ermonia.html

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melty : That was how the atmosphere with the other talents ?

Emma : All the candidates are great, they are all super nice. We enjoyed a lot during the interviews before going on stage !

melty : Is that there is a board of coaches, Soprano and Jennifer, that you have specifically chosen ?

Emma : All of their tips have helped me to progress in the adventure, so I couldn’t choose a…

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#TheVoiceKids This is the trio of the good mood !! The talents of the #TeamSoprano love to work with their coach ????

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melty : Is that The Voice you want professionally in the music ?

Emma : I’ve always wanted to do music, and The Voice Kids has allowed me to achieve this dream.

melty : Now that you have participated in The Voice kids, is-what do you see yourself participating in The Voice when you get old ?

Emma : Yes, I would like to ! But I still have time ahead of me before being able to do so.

melty : If you had to choose one word to describe your journey in the show ?

Emma : Magic. Everything was super beautiful, I really exploded on the scene. Everyone has been really nice to me. It is a true family.