Emma Watson may play in the film “Black widow”

Эмма Уотсон может сыграть в фильме «Черная вдова»

The creators of “Black Widows” have already begun the search for actors to play minor characters, one of which will be the companion of the heroine Scarlett Johansson.

The descriptions of the Studio, the character will be a female variation of James bond, so Marvel needs an actress willing to physical exercise. The portal That Hashtag Show, citing anonymous sources, reported that the list of contenders for this role is headed by the star of the “Harry Potter” Emma Watson.

None of the Actresses listed, has not officially been offered the role, and Marvel representatives did not comment on any of the candidates, so long as the participation of 28-year-old Emma Watson is just a rumor. However, she performed well in recent years. She had already scored several works in different genres, including disney’s “beauty and the Beast”.

Besides her, the list of candidates also stated the 24-year-old Alice Englert (“Top of the lake”), a 28-year-old Gift Zuzovsky (“Hostages”) and 23-year-old Florence Pugh (“Little drummer girl”). Rumor has Watson most likely to get the role because her name is often mentioned in discussions between Director and producer Kevin Feige. Director’s chair project took Kate Shortland, stage Director of the “Berlin syndrome” wrote telegraf.com.ua.