Employees and families to denounce the disruption of the House Wilfrid Grignon

Arcs-en-ciel, given the maxim, “It’s going to go well” decorate the windows of the House Wilfrid-Grignon in Sainte-Adèle. Within this intermediary resource (IR) is a drama that continues to grow since April 18, the date when the first case of COVID-19 has been confirmed within its walls. Four weeks later, several sources have reported to the Duty that nearly 100% of the residents have been infected by the coronavirus, a information that denies the CISSS of the Laurentians.

Many of the testimonies collected reveal that all the ingredients were there for the fire blazes up : turnover of staff, containment is not respected, lack of transparency in the management and even contamination of the protective equipment. A story that throws a light percussion on a drama that took place in several other residences of the province.

Like all the other tas in the province, the Home of Wilfrid Grignon, which accommodates 75 residents, is managed jointly by the public and the private. The private developer — the Group Health Arbec — manages the care of assistance (attendants), board and lodging, while the CISSS — here’s one of the Laurentides — attends clinical care (nurses, nutritionists, social workers, etc)

September 2016 — a little over a year after the opening of the RI —, Jean-François Bernard brings his mother in the residence of two storeys to the areas of orange. The food is good, the care is of high quality and the staff is addendum. The nurse visits her mother almost every day. But in the space of a few months, the situation started to recede. The bells of the residents begin to operate in a random way, the meal can be summed up essentially to chicken and sometimes even sandwiches, the staff is completely overwhelmed and the housekeeping leaves something to be desired. “I have seen many employees leave this place in two years. At the end, there was no longer that of the agency personnel. “Jean-François Bernard hiring, at a certain moment, a nurse in the care of the feet to provide special care to his mother. “She told me : go out with your mother from there, it is dangerous. “What he did last January, a few weeks before the outbreak of the crisis of the COVID-19.

It was just a matter of time before it rocks. I am ashamed to have worked there.

— A patient care attendant


When the coronavirus begins to circulate in Quebec at the beginning of march, the House Wilfrid Grignon is already under-staffed and the residence is in disarray. Last November, Monica Poulin worked briefly as an attendant in the RI — that welcomes patients in loss of autonomy. “It was hell,” said she. There was no folder for the patient, no information on their diets. “This is not [a place] to be safe, if undignified-t-it. There was no defibrillator, no first aid kit. “Information that challenge the CISSS of the Laurentians, and the Group Health Arbec, although several employees have confirmed that they have no idea of the whereabouts of the defibrillator and information on the diets of the residents.

Other beneficiaries attendant, who requested anonymity for fear of reprisals, also realizes that a situation is already chaotic before the onset of the COVID-19. “It was just a matter of time before it rocks. I am ashamed to have worked there. “The staff of agency is ubiquitous in the residence, does it. “And the less they [the employees of agencies], the better they are. Often, I felt that I had to work alone. “

Paul Arbec, president and chief executive officer of the Group Health Arbec, indicates that at the end of the year 2019, 22 posts of attendant on 60 were not filled. An exodus of staff which he attributes in particular to the higher wages offered in the public network. “I am hopeful that the COVID has put the light on wage differentials between the public and private networks and the need to be parity,” says-t it.

To fill the shortage of staff, some agencies have, therefore, been called in for reinforcement. “But this is not the same quality with people who are parachuted, the heart is not all the time at work and this is not the same link with the residents,” agrees Paul Arbec. The residence was in the process of “turning the corner” when the crisis of the COVID-19 broke out, he says. An investment of $ 60,000 was also made to change the system of call bells call and the staff was in the process of being stabilized.


Employées et familles dénoncent la désorganisation de la Maison Wilfrid-Grignon

Photo: Valérian Mazataud The Duty
Daniel Lefrançois has just lost his mother, a resident of the Home Wilfrid Grignon, who died of the COVID-19. Mr. Lefrançois said that the management of the resource intermediary asked him to do blow word to anyone on the causes of death.

The first death

On February 7, Ghislaine Murray made his entrance as a resident at Wilfrid Grignon. His son, Daniel Lefrançois, visits him every night. “I didn’t think it could exist, a place no human like that,” he said. His mother is sometimes called, in tears. She dares to just solicit the personnel, who scolds regularly. According to her son, she expects a night, plus an hour and a half before being taken to the toilet. An employee found in his stool, he reports. No activity is organized for the seniors. “They are left to themselves in their rooms. It is as if we said to them : your death will come, sit down and wait. “

At the end of march, Bernard Vandal is in turn input to Wilfrid Grignon. Her grand-daughter, Josianne St-Jacques, was also big on the heart. “He never supped, never, because he thought the food was awful. He said that it would not even to his dog. “According to Paul Arbec, the deterioration of the quality of the meals is due to the departure of the chef and the absence of activities to the reassignment of the manager of recreation, the provision of patient care.

They are left to themselves in their rooms. It is as if we said to them : your death will come, sit down and wait.

— Daniel Lefrançois

When the containment is decreed, it does not resonate that with a bit of echo between the walls of the residence of Sainte-Adèle. Employees say they were asked to move between the areas of hot and cold, and the residents continued to eat in the cafeteria. Josianne St-Jacques was talking regularly on the phone with his grand-father Bernard Vandal. “He told us that no containment measure was not in force, that the people were walking around in the residence, and this, even after the confirmation of positive cases. “

In mid-April, the coronavirus is seeping into the residence. On the evening of April 16, Ghislaine Murray was feverish and wasn’t able to speak. His son, Daniel Lefrançois, must insist repeatedly so that the direction of the residence agrees to call an ambulance to be taken to the hospital. The verdict comes on April 19 : Ghislaine Murray contracted the COVID-19. As soon as they learn the new, Daniel Lefrançois and his wife call the direction of the residence to inform them of the situation. “The one thing that he said to me, that is : I ask you not to talk to anyone. “On the morning of 21 April, without his son has been able to review it one last time, Ghislaine Murray died at the hospital of Saint-Jérôme.

Two days later, the family of Bernard Vandal must also discuss with management of the RI to be taken to the hospital. The man also receives a positive diagnosis to the COVID-19. He died on 27 April. “It is shocking that a place where we put our trust, but most importantly the lives of our elders, believing that they are safe and secure, or too negligent,” growls Josianne St-Jacques. According to Paul Arbec, it is up to the CISSS to take the decision or not to send a resident to the hospital. The CISSS has not been able to respond to these information at the time these lines were written.

Employées et familles dénoncent la désorganisation de la Maison Wilfrid-Grignon

Photo: Valérian Mazataud The Duty
A photo in which appears the mother of Daniel Lefrançois, Ghislaine Murray, who had made his entry into the House Wilfrid Grignon on 7 February. She died on 21 April.

Lack of transparency

While the virus is gaining ground in the residence, seven employees resigned, confirms Paul Arbec. Several others fall sick-leave or even remain at home for fear of contracting the virus. In the Face of the blaze, the CISSS of the Laurentians was called in as a reinforcement. Twenty of his staff — including nurses and management staff — are made to emergency in the residence.

Concerned about the situation, Nadine Brière, mayor of Sainte-Adèle, trying to get the right time on what is happening behind the closed doors of Wilfrid Grignon. But the CISSS in the Laurentians offers — both the mayor and the media who are interested in the situation — a no-go. Impossible to get a balance in the number of cases and number of deaths as is done for NURSING homes and residences for seniors (RPA), under the pretext that it is a RI. On 6 may, the CISSS done a volte-face and agrees to publish a first official report : 27 residents and 14 employees were positive and four deaths are beset.

However, several sources claim the Duty, that the balance of residents infected is much higher. On 12 may, the CISSS done a new volte-face by claiming that from the following day, the balance sheet will state ” all of the confirmed cases, including those by epidemiological link “. Despite this, the balance sheet of Wilfrid Grignon oscillates little.


The dashboard on the evolution of the coronavirus in Quebec, in Canada and in the world

Of infected material

During this time, other healthcare workers continue to come to Wilfrid Grignon. In mid-may, Alyssa Rake-Brazeau, a worker, receives a call on a Friday afternoon. She needs to go the next day to Wilfrid Grignon, despite the fact that she was living with her father suffering from heart and lung problems. Since the CISSS is present in the residence, the situation is better, but the disorganization is still present. “It is traumatic. It is seen that the patients are not well. “And desperation takes hold is now a large number of seniors. “A lady told me that the meals were so made you sick, she let herself die of hunger. “Before the return of their caregivers, several residents spoke about suicide, also tells a nurse auxiliary who have requested anonymity for fear of reprisals.

In mid-may, members of the staff realize that patients reported positive to the COVID-19 with wandering, moving to the nursing station and related safety equipment, including masks that the employees land on their faces. “The equipment that was used to protect us was contaminated. […] It is we, the vectors “, if ” sad ” the nurse auxiliary.

Since a few days, people infected have been hospitalized are starting to come back in the residence. Although several sources indicate that almost all of the residents have contracted the COVID-19, the CISSS Laurentides, says that as of Wednesday, 39 % of residents are infected. Twelve residents have died.

Paul Arbec said today determined to restore the reputation and the quality of care of the facility. “We went in the right direction. But the COVID we came in at a time when it was emerging from a period of vulnerability. It is not easy. “


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