End of some measures of distance in Air Canada and WestJet

Fin de certaines mesures de distanciation chez Air Canada et WestJet

Fin de certaines mesures de distanciation chez Air Canada et WestJet

Air Canada and WestJet, two major airlines in the country, put an end to their policy of detachment of seats on board of their devices starting in July.


June 26, 2020 19h37


End of some measures of distance in Air Canada and WestJet

Christopher Reynolds

The canadian Press

MONTREAL — The two main airlines in the country put an end to their policy of distancing seats aboard their aircraft from 1 July, raising concerns around the health in the middle of a pandemic that devastated the travel industry.

Air Canada and WestJet have blocked the sale of seats immediately adjacent in economy class and in the whole plane, respectively, in the last few months, in the framework of efforts to prevent the spread of the COVID-19.

While the rate of travel domestic air begins to accelerate, the two carriers said on Friday they would apply the recommendations of the international air transport Association (IATA) in the field of health.

It was called, last month, at the end of the measures of distancing physical flight, proposing a series of measures, some of which went against the directives of the federal government.

Transport Canada has listed the distancing physical among the “key measures” for the prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus in a guide published for the aviation industry in April.

“Operators should develop guidelines for space passengers aboard the aircraft when it is possible,” read the document.

The health experts have highlighted the persistent risk of airports and crowded travel in the booths full, but have noted that the port of the cover face and other health measures, such as disinfection routine, could mitigate the risks.

“Once in the cabin, it is difficult to prevent the air from flowing,” said Tim Sly, an epidemiologist and professor emeritus in the School of public health, Ryerson University.

In accordance with federal guidelines, Air Canada and WestJet do checks on temperature prior to boarding and require the use of covers-face to edge. The two airlines have also implemented an improved cleaning of the aircraft and reduces their in-flight service at the end of march.

“The new measures will continue to rely on the recommendations of the ICAO (the united Nations for international civil aviation) and other according to which a multi-level strategy for the security of the COVID-19 is the most efficient,” said a spokesperson for Air Canada, Peter Fitzpatrick in an email.

WestJet said its online booking would come back to normal on Wednesday.

The Canadians begin to turn towards air travel as the measures of déconfinement are growing, and this, even if Manitoba and the Maritimes still apply significant restrictions on travel, inter-provincial, while other provinces discourage them.

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