England : Leicester risk containment

Angleterre : Leicester risque un confinement

Angleterre : Leicester risque un confinement

According to the<em> Sunday Times</em>, the government is preparing to impose a confinement “in the next few days” in the city of Leicester, situated in the Midlands and with around 342 000 people.


28 June 2020 14: 37


England : Leicester risk containment

Agence France-Presse

LONDON — Leicester (central England) is at risk of becoming the first city to the imposition of measures of restriction as a result of renewed local case of novel coronavirus, confirmed the minister of the Interior in britain on Sunday, a few days before a major milestone in the déconfinement in England.

After being very criticized over its management of the pandemic coronavirus, which has claimed more than 43 000 deaths in the United Kingdom, became the most affected country in Europe, prime minister Boris Johnson has the difficult task of succeeding the déconfinement, the next big step is expected next Saturday.

According to the Sunday Times, the government is preparing to impose a confinement “in the next few days” in the city of Leicester, situated in the Midlands and with around 342 000 people.

Almost 2500 cases of novel coronavirus have been confirmed in Leicester since the beginning of the pandemic, including 658 cases in the two weeks preceding the 16th of June, according to figures from health authorities, Public Health England.

The Sunday Times links the recent increase of cases an epidemic in factories and food production to large gatherings in the vicinity of restaurants offering take-aways.

Interviewed by the BBC, the Interior minister, Priti Patel, said that it was “accurate” that the government was considering measures to local containment.

“There will be a support in Leicester and the minister of Health has been in contact with many of us over the weekend to explain some of the measures”, she explained.

Four sites of screenings have been set up and thousands of screening kits in the home have been made available, said a spokesman for the ministry of Health.

The next step, major déconfinement in England is re-opening Saturday, pubs, restaurants, hairdressers, museums and cinemas, closed since the end of march. Stores “non-essential” have already reopened by mid-June.

But many voices are alarmées the risk of a second wave of contaminations, including representatives of the medical world who have warned that “the homes premises are more probable”, in an open letter in the journal British Medical Journal published Wednesday.

In recent days, rallies, defying the instructions of social distancing have worried authorities, like in London, during celebrations of illegal street, in Liverpool, where several thousands of people celebrated in the city centre the title of champion of England and the Reds, or on the coast, where some beaches were crowded.

In announcing gradually the déconfinement, the government had warned that it could put in place restriction measures locally, depending on the situation.

“For outbreaks in the local case, it is appropriate to have local solutions in terms of infection control, social distancing, scouting and many of the tools”, said on Sunday Priti Patel.

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