EU to double duty-free quotas for Ukrainian chicken under one condition

ЕС вдвое увеличит беспошлинные квоты на украинскую курицу при одном условии

ЕС вдвое увеличит беспошлинные квоты на украинскую курицу при одном условии

The EU will double to increase duty-free quota for imports of Ukrainian poultry, will be stopped if the scheme of Armillaria Yuriy Kosyuk. Ukraine and the EU have already signed a preliminary agreement.

The European Commission confirmed that the agreement plan to send to the EU Council and the European Parliament for approval, writes Politico, citing sources in Kiev and Brussels.

As for the method Kosyuk, his “MHP” has decided to circumvent the restrictions on the import of fillets in the EU, aiming at plants in Europe chicken meat with bone, without payment of duties. In the future, the bone is cut and sold as fillets. This scheme also decided to ban.

“European farmers are outraged that the company Kosyuk evading duties and is stepping up exports of chicken, using an ingenious interpretation of the commercial transactions of Brussels with Kiev”, — wrote in Politico last year. At the same time, the European Commission stated that such a scheme is contrary to the spirit of the free trade agreement.

Now the quota on imports of the breast is 20 thousand tons per year, but after approval, it will increase at least twice. An official close to Kiev, stated that the size can increase to 50 thousand tons. A European diplomat said that the quota of 20 thousand tons will be supplemented by another 50 thousand to 70 thousand tons.

The representatives of Ukraine in Brussels refused to comment on the figures, referring to the negotiations.

Recall that in January-November 2018 Ukraine exported a record amount of chicken in the EU countries. According to the European Commission, our country is in the top 3 countries for the supply of this product.

Previously, AMC was suspected of poultry producers of price collusion. Persons involved were “agro-oven”, “Complex Agromars” and “MHP”, who moved to Cyprus.